Destiny 2 is Changing Exotics in a Big Way Next Month

It's not just a simple power boost this time.

News by Matt Kim, .

Destiny 2 is chugging along with its development roadmap for 2018. Today, Bungie announced that there will be some big changes coming to Destiny 2's exotic weapons and armor.

In a blog post, Bungie announced the version 1.1.4 patch will be coming out on March 27 and will bring with it a "tuning pass" that will hopefully make some of the game's exotic weapons feel more powerful without sacrificing what makes it unique. The focus will be on low-usage items, but all items will be considered.

Senior designer Jon Weisnewski says that the goal of the tuning pass will try and "Lean into an item's established gameplay and push it harder," and, "Avoid catch-all improvements that dilute item identity."

As an example, Weisnewski singles-out the Graviton Lance void pulse rifle which he points out players have complained is "All spectacle, not enough utility." That's because the Graviton Lance focuses all of its damage in the third round of its three shot fire. The hope being that the first two rounds prime the air and the third deals damage with no fallout. Unfortunately, while cool in practice, the gun has proven less effective in PvP settings.

So here's how Bungie is changing the Graviton Lance:

To target the first pain point we reduced the recoil of the burst, added some aim assist, and changed it from three rounds to two. This still plays into the fantasy of a low-damage gravity-neutralizing round forming a projectile tunnel for the last bullet. It also allows us to ensure the damage per burst is at a competitive level for PVP engagements. In fact, it gives Graviton a slight mathematical edge against other pulse rifles.

On the second feedback item, we did some tuning to the ragdoll body. We made it so that rather than violently flying backwards and likely out of range of a potential splash damage opportunity, the defeated opponent floats back and up. Then we made the explosion bigger, increased the damage, and added some void field projectiles that seek out any remaining targets.

Weisnewski says the Graviton Lance changes are one of the more exaggerated examples of the tuning pass, but highlights that the team is working on improving a weapon through its unique qualities, rather than a simple power boost.

The tuning pass is part of Destiny 2's development roadmap the studio outline back in January. Bungie's been on a rather serious development spree, improving core concepts like the Nightfall while directly addressing player concerns regarding loot drops and end-game engrams.

It remains to be seen whether these changes will bring players back into the game as Destiny 2 has seen a rather serious drop in player count. While the reasons for why are still up for debate, it's clear that Destiny 2 players feel spurned by some of the changes made to the game from the first Destiny.

There are still more changes coming to Destiny 2 as part of the development roadmap for 2018, including a new, unannounced expansion for later this year.

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  • Avatar for riot-50 #1 riot-50 7 months ago
    Kinda like when Ford fixed the issue with Explorers flipping by improving the quality of the stitching on the rear leather seats.

    Better not plan on playing too much come March 27th, 'cause there ain't no way those servers are gonna be able to handle the deluge of returning players!
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  • Avatar for Broen13 #2 Broen13 7 months ago
    An article mentioned moving back to the D1 weapon loads. I think that would change the game back to the way I enjoyed playing, but I'm not sure they can even consider such a change. the same-same of having 2 primarys is just boring. On the other hand, I think it would be better if they allowed any primary to be in the 1st 2 slots and just remove the elemental damage from slot 1. Might help a bit?

    Should we just go back to D1? I think I'm going to suggest it to my mates.
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  • Avatar for riot-50 #3 riot-50 7 months ago

    Removing the elemental requirement for the second primary slot seems like it would be the easiest fix to implement and would definitely alleviate some of problem.

    While it would be ideal to revert back to the first game's weapon system, the real issue is gonna be how much dev time and money Bungie would have to invest to actually implement that without totally breaking the game and if that investment would actually pay off. My guess is that it probably wouldn't.

    I'm growing increasingly concerned that Destiny 2 might fall prey to the narrative that it's a "failure" and any subsequent fixes will be summarily ignored.
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  • Avatar for Broen13 #4 Broen13 7 months ago
    Which to me is odd, because I am not hurt at all. I got my money's worth. But games as a service should not be what every developer aspires to. If they doubledown on DLC and stop acting like a failing playerbase is the worst thing ever they could create a memorable gaming experience no matter what number of constant players they have.

    The competition for everyone's time is more pressure than nearly ever before. Don't consider it a failure if people want to go play something else.
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  • Avatar for fredweiser #7 fredweiser 2 months ago
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