Destiny 2 is Getting a "Major Expansion" Later This Year

There's a third Destiny 2 expansion incoming.

Yesterday during its earnings call, publisher Activision Blizzard revealed that there's a third expansion coming to Destiny 2 later this year. At launch, Bungie detailed the Expansion Pass, which would cover the game's first expansion, The Curse of Osiris, and the unnamed second expansion coming in May. Now we know there's a third expansion waiting in the wings.

"The sentiment is already starting to shift," said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg in regards to Destiny 2's current troubles. "We have a great expansion coming in May, and a major expansion coming at the end of the year, and those events have always been opportunities to re-engage our communities and win back people who have churned out."

"This is an incredibly passionate group of players and that passion is a good thing, even when the sentiment is critical, because it shows how deeply people care about the game. We think that's one of the things that makes this a great franchise, and we're fully committed to listening to and communicating with our community more frequently and more transparently than ever and making the right changes to improve the experience," he added.

There were no further details given, but the "major expansion" seems to point to something along the lines of Destiny's The Taken King. That expansion added new subclasses for each of the main classes, new Strikes, new Crucible maps, and the major raid, King's Fall. It also expanded the story by introducing the Taken faction, who would continue to be a centerpiece of the first game.

Bungie recently released its roadmap of Destiny 2 improvements and fixes, but the developer has a long road ahead before it completely fixes some of the issues with the game.

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