Destiny 2 is "Not in a Good Place," says Analyst

It seems Destiny 2's got a long climb upward.

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Destiny 2's having a spot of trouble. Between massive controversy over experience throttling and a lack of transparency from the game's developer, Bungie, players appear to be turning sour on the shooter.

Bungie apologized for its missteps and promises to do better, but analyst Doug Creutz of the Wall Street financial firm Cowen wonders if Destiny 2 will be able to recover from its string of controversies.

In a Tuesday note to clients baldly titled "Destiny is Not in a Good Place," Creutz outlines how Call of Duty: WW II "clearly had a great holiday, which likely sets up strong franchise live services revenue in 2018," whereas Destiny 2's player engagement seems to be petering out.

"Though there is no change in my stony facade, I assure you, I am cheesed off at the current state of events."

"Design decisions were made that have made D2 a less engaging, and less distinctive, game than D1," Creutz writes. "In particular, key aspects of the D2 end game feel neutered compared to D1."

Creutz noted other signs of trouble, including much smaller Twitch audiences for Destiny 2 streams compared to audience numbers for Destiny 1 streams, which were much higher at this time last year (4,000 to 7,000 viewers on a Friday versus 14,000 to 17,000).

Creutz thinks there's still some hope for Destiny 2, but recovery will take a great deal of work and possibly a generous dollop of luck.

"We do think Bungie still has some opportunity to fix the game's problems over the next year and recapture engagement, but we're not sure they have the ability to pull it off at this point," he says. "We also note that Destiny currently has more serious competition in its genre from a refurbished Division (Ubisoft) and the indie title Warframe than it did three years ago, when D1 had its own share of player dissatisfaction."

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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #1 Kuni-Nino 9 months ago
    It really isn't. The game as it stands is only for casual players who log into once a week to play for a few hours. For the person who wants to play everyday, it's a mess. There's little to do. What's there is broken and uninspired.

    There's also the suspicious focus on Eververse. I'm all for cosmetic stuff but why is Bungie doing everything they can to prevent me from getting Bright Engrams at a decent pace? Crucible is pretty much a joke and the rewards for doing content are all the same.

    There's no incentive to play this game other than shooting shit with your friends. The gunplay is still god-tier. Too bad there's not much you can do with it.
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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene #2 UnskippableCutscene 9 months ago
    I bought it about a month ago and am having a great time for the most part. PVP is absolutely a mess though, too influenced by CSGO and the like, with teams basically finding an advantageous choke point and locking it down while waiting out the clock with the lead.

    Going back to 6 on 6 and de-emphasizing the team firefight stuff a bit should do a lot to bring back the roaming killfest that I expected.

    The financial wizard makes some good points regarding the Eververse stuff, where the dust is not well spilled out and difficult to farm, especially since it's not screamingly clear what will or won't make dust at first glance. I do think calling the game dead on Twitch numbers is a bit bogus; PUBG did not exist when the first game peaked.Edited January 2018 by UnskippableCutscene
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #3 chaoticBeat 9 months ago
    We should all become analysts...
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  • Avatar for alexirish93 #4 alexirish93 9 months ago
    What does Activision care? It was the third-highest selling game of 2017 and immediately became the highest-GROSSING game of the year upon its release. They already took everyone's money, as it were. Like annual sports games and Call of Duty, they know people will buy it anyway.
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  • Avatar for tvsadam #5 tvsadam 9 months ago
    Destiny 2 is "not a good game," says Me
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