Destiny 2 Limits Use of Some Game Capture Programs and Overlays

Destiny 2 Limits Use of Some Game Capture Programs and Overlays

Streaming Destiny 2 isn't quite as simple as just firing up OBS.

Destiny 2 stands to be one of this year's biggest games, so it's inevitable Bungie's shooting MMO is already drumming up controversy.

Some players, for example, don't want to make the jump to the second game because they've worked hundreds (or thousands!) of hours for their loot in the original Destiny, and Bungie is wiping the slate clean for 2.

Here's something new for a specific category of Destiny fans to worry about: Destiny 2's support of game streaming and capture software comes with caveats. Popular capture / streaming programs, including OBS and Xsplit, are limited in the upcoming PC beta, and will be limited for the game's final release. Overlays are likewise limited.

It is your destiny to read Bungie's FAQ before you stream.

That's not to say capture software and overlays are banned. Rather, their usage is limited according to which game mode you're playing in. For instance, OBS can't be used if you're playing in Exclusive Fullscreen, but you can still use it if you're playing in Windowed Mode.

Bungie's FAQ about streaming and capturing Destiny 2 footage has all the information you need.

Destiny 2 hits the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6. The PC version follows on October 24. The PC beta starts later this month.

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