Destiny 2 Needs More Exotic Quests Like Devil's Ruin

Destiny 2 Needs More Exotic Quests Like Devil's Ruin

Finally, a quest for the Destiny fans who don't have time to run 400 missions.

I want to love Destiny. I want to share in the joys and adventures of the community that I visit day in and day out on Reddit and YouTube. I want to obtain the very best gear, overcoming tricky challenges to rightfully earn my Exotics. But for over two years now Destiny 2 has been fighting me at every turn.

I want to take part in Raids! Sorry, you'll need five more players for that. I want to undertake the challenging Nightfall Strikes! Oh, I'll need to wait in a 40+ minute queue for that. I want to progress Exotic quests! Only if I've got multiple days to spare can I hope to complete any of these. I want to experience everything Destiny 2 has to offer, but time and time again I've found barriers to entry.

At least, until Devil's Ruin.

Devil's Ruin is an Exotic quest in which you interact with one of the elder and more revered NPCs of Bungie's sequel: Saint-14. The Titan has you scrounging around in three quest steps for the pieces to reassemble the Devil's Ruin, an Exotic sidearm that has a trace rifle-like laserbeam function if you hold down the trigger. A small gun that packs a big punch.

Seeing a new Exotic Quest was added to the game earlier this week went completely over my head. "Ah, another one that'll require over five steps to complete with multiple tasks I can't hope to accomplish in a small space of time," I thought. Then I saw coworker Matthew Reynolds claim that you could complete this new Exotic quest in under an hour.

Wait, what? Completing an Exotic quest in one sitting, let alone under an hour, is unheard of in Destiny 2. More often than not, you need to undertake multiple matches of either PvP activities (Crucible or Gambit), or PvE missions (Strikes or Raids) to even have a chance of getting one of the more powerful, and elusive, weapons or armor items in the game.

But for Devil's Ruin, it's all different. There are only three (count 'em, three) steps to completing this brand new Exotic quest, and they're all dead easy. First, you complete a run of the Sundial, the new PvE activity that launched late last year through the current Season of the Dawning. It doesn't take more than half an hour to defeat the Cabal and Vex gauntlets thrown at you, and it makes sense that Bungie would push its most recent PvE addition through the latest Exotic quest.

Second, you have to speak to Saint-14. He's a time-travelling Titan that burst into Destiny 2 in the Season of the Dawning, and the entire event has basically centered around him and his enigmatic Obelisks around Mercury, Mars, Nessus, and Earth. There's no strings attached here, you literally need to go speak to Saint-14, get some lore exposition from him, and he pushes you on to the final stage.

Last but not least, there's a charming remix of a PvP Crucible map. Saint-14 sends you to the Twilight Gap map, which was part of Bungie's original Destiny, and only returned late in 2019 with the Shadowkeep expansion. Except this time, unlike in Crucible, you're all on your own. No enemy players to kill, and nothing to interfere with you. There's just you, and 10 robotic corpses to find, each of which spouts unique expositional dialogue.

And with that, Devil's Ruin comes to a swift conclusion. You're immediately handed the Exotic weapon upon completing the task to find the 10 corpses, once again with no hidden strings or surprise requirements attached. I actually timed this whole quest from start to finish, and it took me precisely 48 minutes, most of which was due to me being an idiot and continually missing corpses in the Twilight Gap zone.

Contrast this with, say, The Vow. Erianna's Vow was introduced as the Exotic weapon granted to players as soon as they purchased the Season of the Undying Pass for roughly $10 in late 2019. You were given a flashy new Exotic hand cannon, but if you wanted an even better version of the same weapon, something to really stand out from the crowd and pack a punch, you needed to undertake an Exotic quest called The Vow.

That quest tasked you with undertaking 400 combined activities from a pool of Strikes, Gambit, Gambit Prime, or Crucible matches. One look at that requirement, and I knew I could never hope to accomplish it. There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many games I can spend those hours playing. Completing 400 Strikes, Gambits, or Crucible matches never even registered as a possibility.

That's why I'm thankful for Devil's Ruin. It's an Exotic quest that hands a unique, elite item to players with jobs, lives, and other interests. There are those of us that want to play Destiny 2, but feel barred out by requirements like those stipulated in The Vow. Devil's Ruin is for us.

Long haul quests are all well and good in Destiny 2, but they become a tad weary if that's all the game has to offer. I'm glad Bungie is reaching out to a not-so-hardcore subset of its Destiny 2 audience.

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