Destiny 2 Nightfall Overhaul Aims to Make The Strikes More Competitive

Big changes for Nightfall this month.

Bungie is trying to rebuild player confidence in Destiny 2 after numerous reports that player count has dropped off since launch. Part of Destiny 2's content roadmap includes changes coming to the Nightfall, which Bungie plans on making more competitive, but also more balanced and focused on player choice, rather than speedy finishes.

In this week's Bungie blog update, the developers go into detail about how Nightfall will change, specifically scoring. The time limit will be removed, and in its stead will be a set of point scoring mechanics that will give players more freedom in how they tackle the Nightfall. For more experienced players, Bungie is introducing optional game modifiers for even more points.

"Nightfall should be a challenging test that only the bravest Guardians dare face. Fireteams of any size should be able to participate, from organized clan groups to skilled solo players. Players should be able to determine their own challenge level, by going slow and steady or fast and wild, with elective modifiers to test the most hardcore veterans," announced game director Christopher Barrett.

To that end, here's how scoring in Nightfall will change according to the Bungie blog:

  • Scoring is team-based and the sum of individual performances. A team should be able to focus on what works best, not feeling put out by who stole whose kill.
  • Scoring is primarily driven by ills and secondarily by orb generation.
  • Score bleeds over time. After 15 minutes, points earned are reduced by half. At 18 minutes, players stop earning points and it becomes a race to finish the run and post a score.

Bungie is also introducing Challenge Cards, which are drops from completing a Nightfall run. These cards can then be used in your next Nightfall run and add difficulty modifiers that will make the Nightfall harder, but earn you extra points as well.

There will also be new Nightfall Emblems with will be available as drops during a Nightfall strike. These emblems will produce aura that are automatically enabled if your personal Nightfall score is above a global threshold. The first global thresholds will be determined by Bungie, but can be raised as more community scores come in. The aura will also boost Vanguard token drops.

Bungie is also working on a new fixed loadout mode for raid activities, though that's not expected until around May. Afterwards, it will be a default for Prestige level experiences and allows for a curated modifier and weapon set for each gun slot.

These changes are really in-depth and go a long way in delivering an experience that feels more competitive and customizable, rather than forcing players to punish themselves and slog through what could feel like an arbitrary experience.

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