Destiny 2 Now Supports Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

Destiny 2 Now Supports Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

Get your Amazon Alexa device to talk to a Destiny Ghost.

Destiny 2 is now compatible with your Amazon Alexa device thanks to a new skill that lets players with Alexa devices command a virtual Ghost to tell them about Destiny lore, equip items, or contact friends in-game.

Right now, you can download the new Destiny 2 Ghost skill for your Amazon Alexa device. It adds over 1,000 custom voice lines (from Nolan North) and can be triggered by asking "Alexa, ask Ghost..." or "Alexa, tell Ghost..." This is a bit roundabout as I probably would have preferred asking Ghost directly for requests, but I suppose there was no way to get around the initial "Alexa" voice command.

Also, for a limited time, players can order an Alexa compatible Ghost wi-fi speaker from Amazon and Bungie. It's not a standalone speaker and will need to be paired with an Alexa-ready device for it to work properly (like an Amazon Echo or Show).

The Ghost replica speaker is up for pre-order currently and costs $89.99. The speaker will ship in December 19.

You can get the Ghost to tell you about lore stuff. But it actually feels like the Ghost skill's least interesting feature as the Alexa Ghost can actually do some really useful things.

According to Activision, you can save up to four character weapon and armor loadouts depending on the situation. For instance, you can ask Alexa to tell Ghost to save your current loadout as your Crucible loadout (or Nightfall, Strike, or Trials of the Nine Loadout). Then, when you're about to jump into a game of Crucible you can say, "Alexa, tell Ghost to switch to my Crucible loadout."

Similarly, you can use the Alexa Ghost skill to find out which of your team members are online and willing to play with you. If your Ghost finds online team members, you can ask it to send them a message that will contact them through the Destiny 2 app and

Clan features for Ghost can be triggered with the command "Alexa, tell Ghost to call for backup" or "Alexa, ask Ghost who in my clan is online."

As far as promotional tie-ins go, this is pretty neat. While I'm not sure if it's worth paying nearly $90 for a Ghost speaker that requires an additional Alexa speaker to work, it'd be a pretty cool item to have around the house I suppose.

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