How Destiny 2 Players Used Coding to Map out the Corridors of Time Puzzle

How Destiny 2 Players Used Coding to Map out the Corridors of Time Puzzle

A stunning community project.

The Corridors of Time puzzle in Destiny 2 has been a headache, to say the least. Last week the puzzle was released into the game without announcement from Bungie, and players around the globe have been working to solve it ever since.

The Corridors of Time quest returns players to an area that we previously visited to save Saint-14 earlier in the Season of Dawn. The "corridors" are actually hexagonal rooms with six doors, each of which bears a symbol. Every hour since last Tuesday, Bungie would give a new hint in a series of seven symbols, and following these symbols in the correct order would bring players to one final symbol on the floor.

Players then worked out that they could stitch these final symbols together into a map. But there's a catch: the final symbol is unique to all players. Players then rallied together to assemble a coding system to translate the images and symbols. As an excellent post on Imgur explains it: "Imagine trying to solve a puzzle where you were given one piece and were told that everyone in your neighborhood had to come together to put their pieces in a pile."

One Destiny 2 subreddit user has assembled a gargantuan map for the Corridors of Time, based off the assembled code from the community. It's truly an impressive undertaking, and even as a veteran Destiny 2 player I'm struggling to wrap my head around what I'm seeing.

A slice of the Corridors of Time map. | u/JoviBro

If you're looking to help out, you can follow this link to a submissions page. This will let you submit your own code to a Corridors of Time database, which goes towards helping the community solve the puzzle.

Elsewhere on the RaidSecrets subreddit for Destiny 2, there's the following list of solutions. These are known paths through the Corridors of Time that will always lead you and your Fireteam to rewards. Obelisks located throughout the game will cycle through any of the 19 patterns shown below by the hour, and by going through the door next to the corresponding symbols, you can reach a special Timelost Vault.

It's worth noting that not every possible route through the Corridors of Time has been discovered since it went live last Tuesday. Of course, we'll be following this unprecedented community puzzle closely and report back on any further breakthroughs and developments.

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