Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Story Previews Tease What Eris Morn’s Been up to All This Time

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Story Previews Tease What Eris Morn’s Been up to All This Time

She may have met the expansion's true Hive villain already.

In the lead up to the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Bungie has been big on showing off where we'll be going (back to the Moon), and what we'll be fighting (the Hive, and new Nightmare reincarnations of past baddies), but the developer's been coy about where the story is going. We do know that Eris Morn, the spooky Hive-tormented Guardian who's been largely absent from Destiny 2, is set to make a comeback. Now, through some short stories posted to Bungie's blog, we've got a hint of what Morn's been up to-and of who might be behind the Hive's resurgence on the Moon.

In the two Shadowkeep "narrative previews" Bungie has released so far, "Splintered" and "The Black Needle," we get first-person accounts of Eris Morn's departure from the Tower and her recent investigation of the Hive. The latter makes callbacks to Morn's former Guardian Fireteam and, through two references, to the Hive Witch-Queen Savathun. We've fought Savathun's forces in-game before, but so far she's kept herself off the frontlines.

For context: First introduced in The Dark Below, the first expansion for the original Destiny, Eris Morn is a Hunter and the only surviving member of the original Fireteam that tried to take out Crota, a Hive Prince. Crota was the final raid boss in The Dark Below. A year later in the Taken King, Destiny players teamed up to kill Crota's father Oryx... who also happens to be Savathun's brother. With the Taken and Hive weakened in our solar system and Ghaul's Cabal army—the baddies in Destiny 2's base campaign—on the move towards Earth, Eris gets a sense that something greater is amiss and takes off in search of answers.

"Splintered" is fairly straightforward: Ikora and Zavala, the Warlock and Titan Vanguards, speak with Morn about her decision to leave (Cayde-6 is probably quipping in the hangar during this scene). Ikora unsuccessfully tries to get Morn to stay, reminding her that "Oryx is dead." Morn, sensing "a storm coming" that neither Ikora or Zavala detect, leaves anyway.

"The Black Needle" doesn't make explicit reference to the Moon, but it recounts an episode from Eris Morn's investigation that leads up to the events of Shadowkeep. While searching through some Hive tunnels that sure seem like Moon locales from the original Destiny, Eris is confronted by disturbing visions of her deceased Crota Fireteam comrades. Struggling to maintain her composure as a vision of the Warlock Toland mocks her, Eris addresses a capital-W Witch, and later calls the Witch "Archentrope." Both "Archentrope" and "Black Needle" are alternate names for Savathun.

Bungie is all about subtly sowing the seeds for future Destiny villains through bits of lore, and building on the well-received story of The Taken King could be both a safe and appropriately intriguing move for Bungie's first Destiny 2 expansion since parting ways with Activision. Killing Oryx was a moment that validated the core experience of Destiny for a lot of players, yet we've always known since that more Hive and Taken royalty lurk in and beyond Earth's solar system.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 1 along with the New Light update, which will make Destiny 2's base game free-to-play. For more on Shadowkeep, check out our guides and Bungie's content roadmap—and let me get a preemptive "told you so" in now if the raid that launches on October 5 involves Savathun.

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