Destiny 2 is Down! Don't Panic, Though, it's Only for Four Hours

Is Destiny 2 down? Yes, but not for long. Let’s hope Bungie's planned Destiny 2 server maintenance won’t overrun like it did last week!

Destiny 2 will be be down today for four hours, with planned server maintenance scheduled for run between 7 AM PDT and 11 AM PDT. Hopefully you haven't taken Monday off work to play!

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Downtime Schedule

  • Monday September 18 - 7 AM PDT - 11 AM PDT
  • Monday September 18 - 10 AM EDT - 2 PM EDT
  • Monday September 18 - 3 PM BST - 7 PM BST

While Bungie has stated that players will no longer be able to sign into Destiny 2 once the maintenance period starts, but there will be a one hour window in which to finish what you’re up to before everyone is kicked out of the servers.

If server maintenance overruns, the Big Show will be on Bungie's case!

Following the completion of the Destiny 2 server maintenance all players will need to download update before being able to log back in. Server maintenance that took place last week ran on considerably, leaving Destiny 2 down for hours longer than scheduled - which was doubly annoying as it happened the day before the Leviathan Raid commenced.

For more on Destiny 2, head to our Destiny 2 guide hub and check out our Destiny 2 review.

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