Bungie Will Stop Destiny 2's Eververse Map Icon From Constantly Blinking

Bungie Will Stop Destiny 2's Eververse Map Icon From Constantly Blinking

A hotfix could be coming next week.

The Holiday-themed Dawning event kicked off in Destiny 2 back in December. Ever since then, the Eververse icon on the map has had a blinking icon, suggesting there's something new there for players to collect.

Thing is, there hasn't been anything new there for players. Pour through the Eververse store as you might, clicking on every item available for purchase with Silver (the game's microtransaction currency), and the blinking icon still won't disappear. This gives the false impression that you need to do something quest-related with the Eververse Trading Company at the Tower, Destiny 2's social hub area.

Currently, one of the top-voted posts on the Destiny subreddit is asking Bungie to remove the constant blinking icon. Players are requesting that since there isn't anything new with the Eververse Trading Company, Bungie should remove the icon constantly blinking.

Bungie has actually answered this post, with a community manager stepping in to say that "now that we're getting back from holiday, we'll be planning a quick hotfix (potentially for next week) which will address this issue." It seems that Bungie, as well as players, would rather the Eververse icon wasn't constantly blinking at you.

Destiny 2 is currently progressing through its Season of the Dawn event, the second seasonal event after the Shadowkeep expansion launched in 2019. This stars the Titan Saint-14, who travels through time into the present to warn of the collapse of multiple timelines. The stakes are ramped up a bit with time travel, but when have the stakes for Destiny ever been anything less than world-ending destruction?

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