Destiny 2 Will Release Later on PC Than on Consoles

Destiny 2's PC launch date still hasn't been ironed out.

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Although Bungie announced that Destiny 2 will release on consoles on September 8, the company has yet to iron out an exact release date for Destiny 2's PC release.

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Guardians will unite to gun their way across the galaxy later this year, when Bungie releases Destiny 2.

On Blizzard's FAQ page for Destiny 2, the company writes, "We're excited to work with Bungie to bring the PC version of Destiny 2 to every region Blizzard currently operates in. Bungie is actively working through the global details. We look forward to sharing additional information later this year."

Reports from the Los Angeles premiere event for Destiny 2 echoes these statements with Bungie refusing to comment about a release date for the PC version of Destiny 2, and focusing instead on the collaboration with Blizzard on bringing the game to as wide a PC audience as possible.

Earlier today Activision, Bungie, and Blizzard made a surprise announcement that Destiny 2 will debut on Blizzard's PC portal, which currently hosts all of Blizzard's online communities. Destiny 2 will be the first non-Blizzard title to be available on the service. Blizzard maintains that they are currently only focusing on Destiny 2 for, and there are no other words of any other non-Blizzard games appearing on the service.

Destiny 2 will have several graphical improvements on the PC over the console version of the game, as well as the typical customization options available on PC.

Meanwhile, you'll be able to play Destiny 2 when it hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8. Catch up on all the latest in our Everything We Know About Destiny 2 hub.

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