Destiny 2's Absurdly Powerful Bow Got Nerfed, But Now it's Broken in Another Way

Destiny 2's Absurdly Powerful Bow Got Nerfed, But Now it's Broken in Another Way

C'mon Guardian, stop playing around in that foliage.

At the start of Destiny 2's Season of Dawn, the Wish Ender exotic bow got an unintended boost to its damage output that Bungie hurriedly promised to fix. After having to delay a patch that would scale back the Wish Ender's damage to reasonable levels, Bungie finally pushed the fix yesterday. While it mostly seems to have worked, in one specific situation the Wish Ender has become even more powerful than it was before.

In Bungie's patch notes for Destiny 2's hotfix, which it had to hold off on releasing earlier this week, the fix for the Wish Ender tops the list of changes. Pre-patch, the Broadhead perk was making the bow deal about three times the amount of damage it should have, and once players discovered its utility, the PvPvE Gambit mode has essentially been ruined by Wish Ender-wielding Guardians.

While the hotfix does successfully bring the Wish Ender's damage down in most scenarios, players have discovered the bow's shots can do about twelve times the regular amount of damage if you fire through certain penetrable models. YouTuber ProfaneProductions demonstrates this post-patch anomaly in Calus' trophy hall, a location added in last year's Season of Opulence update. Firing the bow through a few different kinds of foliage scattered around the chamber makes its shots deal thousands of points of damage.

Folks on the Destiny subreddit have tried testing the bow's damage by firing it through other types of objects, but so far there don't seem to be other reliable and easily exploitable ways to get this damage boost. The Wish Ender might break a boss encounter here or there if there's enough plant life in the arena, but it likely won't continue to be the bane of Gambit players' existence.

Assuming it really is fixed in all other settings, the Wish Ender is now far less game-breaking than it was, and neither its pre- or post-patch state come close to the frustrating Telesto exploit players discovered last year. Still, don't be shocked if the next hotfix has another tweak in store for Wish Ender.

Meanwhile, a different group of Destiny players has been ignoring damage figures of bows while trying to crack a new Season of Dawn puzzle involving the sprawling Corridors of Time. If you've fallen off of the Destiny wagon for a while and need some help catching up with latest exotics and new seasonal content, head over to USG's Destiny 2 guides section.

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