Destiny 2's Console Players Are Having a Fun, Disastrous Time Switching to PC

Destiny 2's Console Players Are Having a Fun, Disastrous Time Switching to PC

Turns out there are some differences between the platforms.

Cross Save for Destiny 2 went live this week, meaning your account of choice can now carry over between Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC. This has led to a lot of console players ditching their gamepads for a mouse and keyboard, with sometimes frustrating and often hilarious results.

Users on the Destiny 2 subreddit have been sharing their particular woes around the switch. In a post entitled "I Owe Many of You an Apology", the author runs down a list of incidents that have occurred since their switch to PC, including: driving a Sparrow off a cliff; activating Super instead of reloading; firing a rocket at their feet; jumping straight up into the air instead of moving in a vertical direction; and pulling out their Ghost instead of a grenade.

"I have 1500 hours in this game and I currently have no idea what I'm doing," they wrote.

Meanwhile, players in the Crucible are being thrown into a... well, a crucible. For various reasons around the improved frame rate, field of view, and other aspects of the PC version, different guns are much more powerful in Destiny 2's PC multiplayer compared to console counterparts. Players note that on console, hand cannons weren't extremely popular, but on PC they're devastating. Anyone who's played Overwatch on both PC and console could tell you something similar, but it's interesting watching Destiny 2 players come to grips with their new reality.

"I saw a lot of people last night that I suspect were console imports with very bad movement habits," wrote one user. "Like Hunters just jumping straight up [because] on console that probably made them disappear from their opponent's small FOV. On PC, you just look like an idiot jumping in the air for no reason in the middle of a fight because my FOV is maxed and I don't have joystick acceleration stopping me from tracking you."

The good news is that the PC community isn't looking down on the console players. Various PSA-style posts and links to the Destiny 2 PC Discord are all encouraging these newfound computer Guardians to stick with it. While Destiny 2 isn't cross-play, Cross Save is letting Guardians migrate between platforms as they wish, so the effective player base has grown massively over the last few days for each platform.

With the Power floor levelling out once Shadowkeep and New Light arrive, this is a big moment for players to explore other systems, and maybe find a new home for their Guardian. Right now, it's just fun to enjoy the growing pains a little. We'll have more on Shadowkeep closer to its release on October 1.

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