After Nearly a Week, Destiny 2's Corridors of Time Puzzle Has Been Solved

After Nearly a Week, Destiny 2's Corridors of Time Puzzle Has Been Solved

One final route through the maze has surfaced.

After nearly a week, the Corridors of Time puzzle in Destiny 2 has finally been solved. After the community rallied together in a big way using coding, one final route through the maze has emerged.

Be warned, this article will spoil the final route through the Corridors of Time. Check out the post on the Destiny 2 subreddit just below, which outlines the method used for completing the Corridors of Time quest, and receiving the Chromatic Weapon Core as a reward.

As the post above states, you'll need to interact with the grave inside the vault room, then return to the Tower and speak to Saint-14. From there you'll need to undertake another quest, which rewards you with the unique Bastion Exotic fusion rifle.

Over the weekend, Destiny 2 players started using codes to decipher their routes through the Corridors of Time maze. They then put these codes together to form a map through the maze.

So that's it! After beginning last week on Tuesday, there's finally one solution to the Corridors of Time puzzle. This has definitely been one of the more memorable activities that Bungie has introduced to its shooter over the last few months, and what's really nice is that the Corridors of Time was never actually formally announced as an addition for the Season of Dawn by Bungie—they just left it there in the game for players to uncover for themselves.

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