Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris Also Expands The Leviathan Raid

The expansion doesn't have a new raid, but it will be beefing up the old one.

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In today's livestream, Bungie tackled the raid content for the upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2. What's interesting is that Curse of Osiris won't have its own unique raid. Instead, Bungie is trying out what it calls Raid Lairs.

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Essentially, Bungie will be beefing up and expanding Leviathan, the first raid launched for Destiny 2. The base content in Leviathan won't be changing, though Bungie is kicking up the recommended power level to 300, matching the current Prestige version of the raid. Leviathan's first raid lair is called "Eater of Worlds", which is planned as one of two updates to the raid. Eater of Worlds explores the Underbelly of the ship, where players previously went to bypass certain unlocked regions.

Eater of Worlds will be shorter than vanilla Leviathan, but will have more challenging encounters and new puzzles to solves. It'll still be six-player content and eventually have its own Prestige version. Eater of Worlds offers its own rewards and Guided Games will still work with the new content, though you'll have to be at power level 310 to guide others.

Bungie developers said that the idea behind raid lairs is to give them the ability to make more raid content for the game, more frequently than having to spin up a whole new raid. Senior designer of raids Stuart Monske said the shift allows the team to design "more puzzle-y raids, more sandbox-focused raids" than before. Raid lairs are also less of a time commitment for players than full raids.

Eater of Worlds will launch after Curse of Osiris does, meaning sometime after December 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The second raid lair for Leviathan will launch with the second Destiny 2 expansion, which is planned for Spring 2018.

Bungie also showed off a new area for the game, taking place on Mercury. Players will dive into a Vex Reality Engine, a giant simulation that the Vex is using to find a specific object. You'll be on the desert-like surface of Mercury today and in the future, a construct Bungie is calling the Infinite Forest. Mercury itself will get a new destination in the Destiny 2 Director, the Fields of Glass.

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