Destiny 2's Solar Subclasses Are Getting Some Major Reworks

Destiny 2's Solar Subclasses Are Getting Some Major Reworks

The changes will be introduced next season.

Destiny 2's Season of the Undying is drawing to a close, and the Vex Offensive is winding down with one final new boss. Bungie is already looking ahead to the next, as of yet untitled season, and they're promising big reworks for the way Solar subclasses work.

Over on, the upcoming changes were detailed by the dev team. Whereas Bungie previously focused on Arc and Void subclasses in seasonal events, it's time for Solar subclasses to undergo some changes. First up is the Hunter's Gunslinger subclass, where Golden Gun will have increased aim distance and reliability when aiming down the sights with the 3-shot mode, and shortened damage falloff for the 6-shot mode. Additionally, the Way of the Outlaw has a new Explosive Prox Knife that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies walk past.

Then there's the Sunbreaker, Code of the Devastator subclass for the Titans. The Roaring Flame perk will last 25% longer, and the base damage of the Throwing Hammer melee ability will be increased. Elsewhere, Burning Maul will last longer, and the height of the heavy-slam explosion has been increased.

Finally, there's the Dawnblade, Attunement of the Sky subclass for the Warlocks. The speed at which Burst Glide accelerates players in Daybreak will be decreased, but Icarus Dash while in Daybreak has increased speed and thrust. There's a new Celestial Fire melee ability, where the Warlock can send a spiral of three explosive Solar projectiles through the air. Fancy stuff.

Currently, there's no word on when the next seasonal event for Destiny 2 will start. Season of the Undying hasn't finished just yet, and Lord Saladin will be bringing back the Iron Banner event starting from November 26.

Bungie really buried the lede with this post, because there's a Destiny: The Official Cookbook coming out in 2020. "Destiny's first official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the characters and locations seen throughout its expansive universe," the description reads.

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