Destiny - Blighted Chalice Strike Guide

Destiny - Blighted Chalice Strike Guide

Learn how to cheese Malok, Pride of Oryx.

This guide will help players to complete the Blighted Chalice Strike both legitimately, and using a very easy cheese method to kill the final boss, Malok.

Depending on the level that you complete it, and the modifiers that are active, the Blighted Chalice Strike in Destiny can actually be quite difficult. For example, it was the Nightfall the first week of the April Update, which meant 320 Light and, in this case, Void damage was preferred. Truthfully, this made the Strike quite hard to complete, but a very easy cheese method has made life easier when facing Malok, Pride of Oryx.

The Blighted Chalice Strike

The first part of the Strike isn’t that bad. You’ll start in the same place where you defeated Phogoth, but you’ll be working your way backwards. Kill the ads to open the door, and then start working your way through the level. If you aren’t sure which way to go, use your Ghost, but it shouldn’t be that hard. We’re not going to walk you through this part of the Strike, since it should be fairly simple at this point. Just take your time and pick off the ads slowly, and we’ll get busy with helping you kill Malok once you reach the final room with your Fireteam.

How to Defeat Malok

In case you’re not into cheese spots, here is how you can defeat Malok the right way.

The main thing you have to worry about are ads, and a debuff that Malok calls upon called Shadow Touched. This debuff covers the ground in a fog, plus Malok summons more ads and spawns in several Blights. There will be four Blights - one on the right, one on the left, one in the front middle and one in the back middle. Destroying a Blight prevents further ads from spawning, and it clears the ground from being Shadow Touched in that area. This should be a focus each time that the Blights spawn.

When the Blight in your area is gone and the ads are dead, start to focus on hurting Malok. If this is the Nightfall and there is either Void, Arc or Solar burn, then make sure you’re scoring precision shots with a weapon that deals that kind of damage. To score a precision shot on Malok, hit him in the head. After you deal a certain amount of damage, more Blights and ads are inbound. Repeat the process until Malok is dead. Oh, and use a Three of Coins to up the chances that Malok will drop an Exotic Engram for you.

How to Cheese Malok

If you manually select the Strike from the Moon, you will get the Easy version, and less rewards.

The worst part about Malok is when he gets to about 25 percent health and switches his tactics to Axion Darts. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, those are the heat seeking death balls that Golgoroth shoots during the King’s Fall Raid. Malok, Pride of Oryx, will shoot about four of them at you each time he fires, and they will kill you in a big hurry. This is typically where a Fireteam will wipe if they’re going to.

In order to make the entire fight against Malok easier, go to the right as soon as you enter the final room. Follow the wall and you’ll end up in a small room at the back. You can sit here for the entire fight, safe from Malok and 99 percent of the ads. One Blight and a couple of ads will spawn here, but some quick work with a Shotgun and you’re in the clear. Use this room to put damage on Malok, lowering his health to about the 25 percent mark. Each time he spawns more ads, switch to your Shotgun to clear out the Blight and Taken Cabal that spawn in the back middle with you.

Once Malok is at 25 Percent, have one Guardian stand right at the door in this room. Not against it, but an inch or two away from it. For some reason, Malok will try to shoot this Guardian, and only this one, with his Axion Darts. These projectiles will explode on the opposite side of the door, causing you no harm and leaving the other two members of your Fireteam free to put damage on the boss. Just make sure the two DPS members of your team don’t move too far outside the room, or Malok may focus on them and not the person against the door. This method will see Malok dead in no time.

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