Destiny - Challenge of Elders Guide

Destiny - Challenge of Elders Guide

How to hit 30,000 and 90,00 points.

This guide will help players to hit the 30,000 and 90,000 benchmarks while scoring points in the Challenge of Elders in Destiny.

Since the April Update for Destiny, each week Variks will allow you to buy the Elders’ Sigil from him for 100 Glimmer. This scorecard can be taken with you into the Level 320 Challenge of Elders activity, and players will earn drops when they hit 30,000 and 90,000 points respectively.

How to Use the Elders’ Sigil

The Elders’ Sigil will show two scores - 30,000 and 90,000 points. The 30,000 points is a goal that you need to reach during one, three round run of the Challenge of Elders. This means completing the entire event with your Fireteam and hitting a combined 30,000 points. If you’re able to do so, Variks will have a weapon for you at the Reef. This weapon can drop up to 335 Attack, but will more than likely fall short of that mark if you are not above 330 Light already.

The second score, 90,000 points, must be reached sometime during the week, which resets each Tuesday at 05:00 AM EST/EDT. This can take you as many runs through the Challenge of Elders as you need, and you do not have to be with the same Fireteam. In fact, you could technically run the Challenge of Elders four times, scoring 30,000, 20,000, 20,000 and 20,000 points, and still hit the mark. Once you do hit 90,000 points, return to Variks at the Reef and he will have a piece of armor for you that can drop at up to 335 Defense.

The Weekly Modifier

Each week when you open your Elders’ Sigil scorecard from Variks, look at the bottom and you will see an explanation for what the weekly modifier is. This is very important, as meeting these requirements helps you to raise your score, meaning you can spend less time messing with this event.

During the first week, the modifier required players to get precision kills. Doing so gives you extra points. In round one a precision kill would get you 90 points. In round two a precision kill would get you 180 points, and in round three it was 270 points. If you take care to meet the modifier in rounds one and two, you typically have a less stressful time in round three.

Challenge of Elders Tips

The Week 2 Elders' Sigil required Guardians to get Grenade kills in order to maximize their score.

Once you’re in-game, you’ll quickly learn how things work. For example, you’ll get a round of ads the moment any round begins. Ignore the boss and focus on killing the ads, trying to do so in a way that meets the weekly modifier requirements. When there are no more ads, put some DSP on the boss, but stop the moment you see a message that they are summoning minions to their aid. When this happens, kill the next wave of ads, and then return your attention to the boss. You’ll continue to repeat this process through all three rounds each time you enter the Challenge of Elders.

Use Three of Coins

The Challenge of Elders will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete an entire run. Maybe 20 if you are really taking your time. For this reason, slap on a Three of Coins at the start of each round. Since you can fill out the Elders’ Sigil for all three characters, you get nine shots at an Exotic (assuming you use the Three of Coins each round) each week. This will in no way help you to finish the Challenge of Elders, but it will help you to increase your rewards for participating in the activity.

Claiming Your Rewards

There seems to be some confusion over the rewards. First of all, the weapon you get at 30,000 points is not a guaranteed 335 Attack. It can drop up to 335 Attack, and has a better chance of doing so the higher your Light is. To claim this weapon, just visit Variks at the Reef after you hit 30,000 points in one run of the Challenge of Elders. You don’t turn the Elders’ Sigil in, you just go talk to Variks and he gives you the weapon. The armor that you get when you hit the 90,000 cumulative points works the same way - it could drop up to 335 Defense, and you just visit Variks to pick it up.

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