Destiny - Get the New Exclusive Armor for PlayStation Users

Destiny - Get the New Exclusive Armor for PlayStation Users

The Long Tomorrow 9G Hunter armor looks fantastic!

This guide will show players how to get the new PlayStation exclusive armor from the April Update in Destiny, including the Barkhan Dune I set for the Warlock, the Long Tomorrow 9G set for Hunters, and the Jovian Guard set for Titans.

Because Destiny has an agreement with PlayStation, certain items are exclusive to PlayStation users for a period of time after release. Most notably, the Hawkmoon was a PlayStation only Exotic Hand Cannon in Year 1. With the recent April Update, players were not only treated to the Zen Meteor Exotic Sniper Rifle, but also three sets of PlayStation exclusive armor for the Hunter, Warlock and Titan. Today, we’re going to tell you how you can get this armor, and even outline some strategies to make the process easier for you.

Hunter: Long Tomorrow 9G

The Long Tomorrow 9G is a full set of Legendary Hunter armor that is exclusive to PlayStation users for the foreseeable future. It includes five total pieces - a Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest Armor, Leg Armor and a Hunter Cloak. We think it looks pretty cool. It almost has a Royal feel to it, which makes sense since some of the descriptions reference the Queen.

Titan: Jovian Guard

The Jovian Guard is a complete set of Legendary Titan armor. As with the Long Tomorrow 9G set for the Hunter, it’s also exclusive to PlayStation users. Of course, it includes the standard five-piece set. Players can collect a Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest Armor, Leg Armor and Titan Mark. If we’re being honest here, it kind of looks like the Gauntlets have a toaster sticking out of them, so we’re not sure we’re a fan.

Warlock: Barkhan Dune I

The Barkhan Dune I Warlock armor is a complete set that is exclusive to PlayStation users. We’re not sure how long it will last, but it’s safe to assume Xbox players won’t get a crack at it for some time. This set, like the others, includes a Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest Armor, Leg Armor and Warlock Bond. The only piece of PlayStation exclusive armor we’ve been able to score so far was the Barkhan Dune I Chest Armor.

How to Get the PS Exclusive Armor

The Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist is one of the best places to get Sublime Engrams in Destiny today.

The only way to get the PlayStation exclusive armor that we’ve listed above is through the decrypting of Sublime Engrams. These are Legendary Engrams that will provide you with PlayStation exclusive items when the Cryptarch does his thing. Of course, earning Sublime Engrams is not an exact science, so there is no direct, guaranteed path that one can take to get this armor quickly. You’re going to have to grind for it, and even then it will take some luck. When you get a Sublime Engram in-game, you’ll see a message in the bottom left of your screen that says you have found a Sublime Engram. This is how you tell it apart from the standard Legendary Engrams that tend to drop.

How to Get Sublime Engrams

Getting Sublime Engrams in Destiny is all about luck, but the more Legendary Engrams you’re earning, the more likely you are to have one of them turn out to be Sublime. One of our favorite methods for getting Sublime Engrams is to hop into the Heroic Strike Playlist and spend an hour or two doing some Strikes. Once you finish the first Strike, you’ll get a buff called the Vanguard Streak. This increases the chances that Legendary Engrams will drop as long as you stay in the Heroic Strike Playlist and do not exit back to Orbit. Theoretically, this would also mean that there is a better shot that one of these Legendary Engrams could drop as a Sublime Engram, and our experiences so far have not ruled that thinking out.

Of course, you can get a Sublime Engram just about anywhere, but you want to focus most of your time on completing activities that are going to give you real rewards, and not just a shot at something. For example, the first Strike you do each week on each character will give you at least a Legendary Engram, and you also get quite a few of these from grinding Tier 3 in the Court of Oryx. We’ve actually gotten a few Sublime Engrams from working our way through the Challenge of Elders, killing bosses like it’s our business… which it kind of is.

How to Decrypt Sublime Engrams

We know this sounds sort of silly, since decrypting Engrams is quite easy, but our suggestion is that you focus on one class or another, and not all three. You’re more likely to get one set than you are to get all three of them. What we mean is, if your main character is a Hunter, like ours, transfer any Sublime Engrams you get with your Warlock or Titan to your Hunter for decryption. It could still give you something random, but there is a higher chance that the gear that the Cryptarch gives you will be for the Hunter. This should help you complete at least one set of the armor more quickly, rather than trying for months to get all three at the same time.

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