Destiny Guide: Where to Find all 20 Gold Chests

Destiny Guide: Where to Find all 20 Gold Chests

We've got a detailed guide to finding all 20 Gold Chests hidden throughout the four planets in Destiny.

Besides the Gold Chests and Dead Ghosts, Destiny doesn't have a lot of collectibles to speak of. The former, however, can provide players with some pretty cool gear for a guardian that is just starting out and pushing toward that level 20 milestone. While players above level 20 may not find great value in spending time collecting all of these, it never hurts to have a little extra gear that can be broken down for those elusive materials.

Today, we're going to walk players through how to find all 20 Gold Chests that currently exist in Destiny. There are five on each of the four planets, so that seems like the best way to approach this.

Gold Chests on Earth

1 - Players can easily grab the first Gold Chest by playing the campaign mission, Restoration. After landing on Earth and entering a nearby building, the chest can be found sitting on top of a desk.

2 - The second Gold Chest will be picked up while on Patrol in the Forgotten Shore region of Earth. Players will need to take their sparrow along the water, sticking close to the cliffs below the Terrestrial Complex.

3 - A third Gold Chest is located on the path that connects the Mothyards to the Forgotten Shore. Keep an eye out for a cave that has a waterfall in front of it on the left side of the canyon. The chest can be found inside that cave.

4 - The second to last Gold Chest on Earth can be found during the campaign mission, The Dark Within. After taking out the Hive Wizard and completing the mission, look for a loft that guardians can jump to. The chest is behind some crates.

5 - The Devil's Lair is one of the more popular strikes in Destiny, and the Gold Chest can be found below the platform where players will battle against Sepiks Prime. It's best to wait until the end of the mission to retrieve it safely.

Gold Chests on the Moon

1 - The first Gold Chest on the Moon can be found in the Temple of Crota. As players are making their way through the temple there will be a ramp that leads up to a ship. Jump onto the ramp and then look off its right side to where the chest can be seen sitting on a rock below.

2 - The second Gold Chest that can be found on the Moon is located between Archer's Line and Hellmouth. It's easily found on the Sword of Crota mission by following the waypoints. Players should wait until they see a broken ramp on their right, then look behind some rocks on the left for the chest.

3 - The third (and fourth) Gold Chest can be found by firing up the campaign mission, The World's Grave. After entering the building players will want to drop down to the bottom of the spiral staircase and follow the water clockwise until they find the chest.

4 - The fourth Gold Chest on the Moon is the second one that can be found during The World's Grave. At the very end of the mission (before deploying their Ghost) players will want to turn around and move into the water. The chest will be sitting on top of some rocks.

5 - The final Gold Chest on the Moon can be found during a strike called The Summoning Pits, and more specifically during the boss battle against Phogoth, The Untamed. Wait until the giant Ogre is down, then look for the chest at the far side of the room on a platform at the bottom of a small set of stairs.

Gold Chests on Venus

1 - The first Gold Chest on Venus is located in a tunnel between the Shattered Coast and the Ishtar Academy. Drop into the tunnel and head forward, checking behind each of the pillars that stick up out of the water. The chest will be behind one of the pillars sitting on what appears to be a piece of server equipment.

2 - Players can locate the second Gold Chest on Venus by starting up the campaign mission the Ishtar Collective. Near the end of the mission when respawning is restricted guardians will be able to locate the chest by running past the satellite in the middle and jumping over the orange structure near the edge of the map. On the opposite side of the structure the chest will be sitting on a catwalk.

3 - The third Gold Chest is easily located while completing The Nexus, a strike that takes place on Venus. As soon as respawning is restricted players should enter the next open area, turning right and heading up some stairs into a room full of cubicles. The chest is on the floor below one of the desks.

4 - The fourth chest (as well as the fifth) can be found during the campaign mission, Scourge of Winter. Wait for a section where guardians are attacked by Kell's Guard. Clear out all the Fallen enemies, then head up the curved ramp and look for the Gold Chest to be sitting on a rock. Use a pole sticking out of the cliff to get close and jump over.

5 - The final Gold Chest collectible on Venus is also picked up during the Scourge of Winter mission, but much further on down the line. When players emerge at the top of a cliff they will see a ship in the distance, and the Gold Chest is on the back of it. The exact location is called the Cinders.

Gold Chests on Mars

1 - The first Gold Chest on Mars can be located by jumping into a Patrol mission. Once spawned, players will want to follow the dirt path that leads to the right. There will be a Cabal outpost a short distance away, and the collectible can be found sitting on some crates in the outpost.

2 - The second collectible Gold Chest on Mars might be the toughest to describe, but we'll do our best. Hit up another Patrol mission, then head to the left from the spawn point. Keep moving until going into a makeshift tunnel that is made up of a destroyed building. Players should look to the roof for a broken piece that can be jumped up to. For those having trouble locating it, the exit is visible from the point that guardians will be able to reach the chest.

3 - The middle child of Gold Chests can be found by playing the campaign mission, The Buried City. Once players enter the Dust Palace they should look for a room with the number three printed to the right of the door. The chest can be found inside that room and behind the desk.

4 - The second to last Gold Chest collectible can be found during The Garden's Spire mission. Players should wait for a section that features a large ramp. Clear out all the enemies, then stand at the bottom of the ramp and look up and slightly to the right. The chest is located in that area, but players must jump up using some pipes that are found over on the left side.

5 - The final Gold Chest in all of Destiny is found on a mission called The Rising Tide, and more specifically during an objective that asks guardians to Destroy the Gates. The chest will be located in a room at Tharsis Junction, but is actually hidden behind the wall. This one is hard to describe and might take a few moments to locate, but those three tips should narrow down the search considerably.

We'd like to tell players that all that hard work would result in an exotic weapon, or even a trophy, but the truth is the best that guardians can hope for is some blue armor, or perhaps a new skin for their speeder.

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