Destiny: House of Wolves Guide

Destiny: House of Wolves Guide

A complete guide to the House of Wolves DLC.

This page will serve as the Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide. It will cover all of the House of Wolves Story Missions, Queen’s Wrath Bounties at The Reef, Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, and how to get Etheric Light and reach level 34.

Destiny: House of Wolves didn’t come with a Raid, but what it did come with is some genuinely fun content. In fact, I personally feel that the Prison of Elders is much more entertaining than either the Vault of Glass or Crota’s End, and it seems to dish out much more consistent rewards. Trying to gather up the players to complete a Raid was one of the reasons I put Destiny down for a couple of months, and House of Wolves is the reason that I can’t stop playing it now.

It would seem that a lot of players share that thought, as Destiny is as busy and popular as ever. With that in mind, I figured that a collection of House of Wolves strategy content was in order, helping you max out that Light level at 34 before The Taken King drops on September 15, 2015.

Destiny: House of Wolves Tips

  • Etheric Light is essential to reach Light level 34. You can earn it in the Prison of Elders, the Weekly Nightfall Strike, Trials of Osiris, and by ranking up during the Iron Banner events.
  • If you find Legendary Engrams for one of the four armor types, you can put it in your Vault and pick it up with the Guardian that needs it the most, helping them reach the max Light level.
  • Every now and then you’ll get a Legendary Engram from one of the wanted Wolves that randomly pop up around Destiny. You can camp and farm these events as often as you like.
  • After killing one of the Wolves and earning an Ether Key, pay attention to where the other Guardians are going. If you can’t find the chest, the chances are one of them will lead you to it.
  • Scorch Cannons are not on a timer, but rather come with 10 rounds that you can fire. Save them for the final wave of Wolves and you’ll have a much easier time taking down your target.

Destiny: Queen's Wrath Wanted Bounties

Destiny: House of Wolves - Beltrik, the Veiled Bounty

We'll help you track Beltrik, the Veiled at the Ember Caves on Venus. Once your target is dead, we'll show you where all four Ether Key chest locations are.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Grayor, Wolf Assassin Bounty

This guide will show you where to find Grayor, Wolf Assassin at the Mothyards on Earth, as well as how you can kill him solo, or as part of a group.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Drevis, Wolf Baroness Bounty

The Wolf Baroness can spawn in two locations at the Forgotten Shore, and there are five different chest locations. We can help you find all of it, and kill Drevis.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Pirsis, Pallas Bane Bounty

Some of the chest locations for this Bounty can be hard to find, but we have them all listed for your convenience. We also show you how to kill your target.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Kaliks-12 Bounty

Kaliks-12 shows up at the Skywatch region of Earth, and it can be quite tricky to find the chests you get for killing this Servitor. We have all four locations.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Mercher Orbiks-11 Bounty

We've heard that you can't solo this Servitor, which is incorrect. You can do it quite easily if you know how. We'll help you pull it off.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Silent Fang Bounty

This is by far the most tedious Bounty of all the Queen's Wrath tasks. We can help streamline the process for you with this guide

Destiny: House of Wolves - Wolf Enforcer Bounty

This Bounty will take players back to the same path they traveled during The Devil's Lair Strike. We'll show you where to find the Wolf Enforcer.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Queenbreaker Captain Bounty

This is one of the easier to find targets of all the Queen's Wrath Bounties, but the close quarters environment makes it tricky. Try our method of baiting your foe.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Tracer Shanks Bounty

The Tracer Shanks you seek are tucked away in one of the back corners of Earth, but not as far as you might imagine. Let us how you where you can track them down.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Saviks, Queenbreaker Bounty

Due to the location alone, this can be a very tough bounty to try and collect on your own. We have some solo tips, but really you want to bring a few friends with you.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Weksis, the Meek Bounty

Weksis, the Meek can be found at the first location you visit when you travel to the Moon, Archer's Line. We've got all five chest locations for you as well.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Wolf High Servitor Bounty

This enemy is located in an area that we've been to many times, but didn't know had an addition. We'll take you straight to the hiding place of the Wolf High Servitor.

Destiny: House of Wolves - Queenbreaker Vandals Bounty

We almost don't want to make this trip even with the bounty active. Still, we'll take you there if you insist on finding the Queenbreaker Vandals on Venus.

Destiny: House of Wolves Prison of Elders

Destiny Prison of Elders - Qodron, Gate Lord Boss Fight

We can help you choose the right formula for your Fireteam in what was one of the toughest, most finicky fights we've had in Destiny. Bring your Gjallarhorn.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Gulrot, Unclean Boss Fight

It's one of the easiest boss fights in the Prison of Elders, but that doesn't mean that it can't trip you up. Try our Bladedancer trick to stealth through this one.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Valus Trau'ug Boss Fight

As far as strange modifiers go, this one isn't so bad. We have a nice cheese spot to help you crank this one out quick, as well as some helpful strategies for your team.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Kaliks Reborn Boss Fight

There is a formula to this fight that takes the difficulty down a few notches. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll make this harder than it needs to be.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Urrox, the Flame Prince Boss Fight

Few things are as annoying as when the floor gets set on fire and you're forced to jump in place. That's what Guardians face in this boss fight.

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