Destiny - How to Get a 335 Artifact

Destiny - How to Get a 335 Artifact

Travel the easy road to a 335 Defense Artifact

This guide will show players what activities they must participate in if they wish to get a 335 Artifact in Destiny.

Getting an Artifact in Destiny isn’t exactly hard, but getting a good one can be quite the ordeal. This is especially true if you don’t know where to go to get an Artifact, or how the drops work now that the April Update is in full swing.

Luckily, Bungie has made the process of getting an Artifact quite simple (it’s actually been simple for some time now), and even getting one to drop at 335 isn’t the pipe dream that it once was. Today, we’re going to explain how you can get that 335 Artifact the fastest way possible, making your Journey to 335 Light just a little more enjoyable.

How to Get a 335 Artifact

We're not quite there yet, but now that we've hit 330 Light, the 335 Artifact is within our grasp!

The easiest way to get Artifacts to drop is in the Court of Oryx, which you can easily power through these days given the Light level increase with the April Update. If you are the one that is putting the Rune in to kick off the event, there is a very good chance that an Artifact will drop when you kill the boss and finish the activity. You should be focusing on Tier 3 for the best results.

The problem with this is that the drop that you get will likely be in the neighborhood of your current Light level. Let’s say for example that you’re sitting at about 320 Light, which was the previous maximum. You are highly unlikely to get a 335 Artifact. You are more likely to get something in the 325 range, and quite possibly lower than that depending on RNG.

So, how do you get a 335 Artifact?

Well, most drops that you get in Destiny these days are likely going to be a few points above your current Light, so you need to increase your Light to get a 335 Artifact, or anything else for that matter. This means that when you are participating in the Court of Oryx you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing your best armor and equipping your best weapons. If you can get yourself to 322 Light instead of 320, even with weapons you aren’t a big fan of using, do it. This is how the current drop system works. At 322 Light you are likely to get a drop that ranges from 324-327 Light, but not much higher. In fact, you likely won’t see a 335 Artifact until you pass the 330 Light threshold.

The Blighted Worlds Quest

This is quest that came out with Destiny: The Taken King, but it’s highly ineffective for getting an Artifact compared to the Court of Oryx. Truthfully, we’re only mentioning it to be thorough, but this quest involves quite a bit of grinding, and includes having to kill bosses in the King’s Fall Raid. If you are able to jump through all the hoops involved to do that, why not just use the Court of Oryx method? Besides, there is a solid chance that the Artifact you get from the Blighted Worlds quest is only going to be at 310, and you can get one of those out of a Rare Engram these days.

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