Destiny - How to Get the Dreadfang Sword - At the Gates

Destiny - How to Get the Dreadfang Sword - At the Gates

Get the 320 Dreadfang Sword in Destiny.

This guide will show players how to get the 320 Legendary Dreadfang Sword in Destiny. You might also call it the Taken Sword. This is done by completing a quest from Variks called At the Gates. It involves completing the Pretender to the Throne main story mission, and the Blighted Chalice Strike where you must defeat Malok.

Players can complete the At the Gates quest that rewards the 320 Legendary Dreadfang Sword solo, so long as they are of a comparable Light level to each of the activities. The Blighted Chalice Strike can be difficult, but there is matchmaking available for that, so nobody needs to suffer through it. From start to finish, this new quest in Destiny will most likely take you between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

At the Gates

To begin this quest, head to Orbit, and then set a course for the Reef. When you arrive, it’s very likely that both Petra Venj and Variks will need to see you. Ignore the former and speak with Variks if you’re looking to get straight to the Dreadfang sword.

Step 1: Pretender to the Throne

When you have accepted the At the Gates quest from Variks, head back to Orbit and open up the map of the Dreadnaught. You’re looking for a story mission that is located in the Mausoleum called Pretender to the Throne. It’s a Level 36, so if you are maxed out at 40 there should be no trouble, even if you have to run it solo. Just bring up your Ghost if you’re not sure where to go, and try to keep the Taken in front of you. It’s a very short quest, and when you’re done you’ll want to head back to Orbit.

Step 2: They Can Run

You can find the Echoes of Malok at the Hull Breach on the Dreadnaught. Just kill the Taken.

You don’t have to go to the Tower or Reef to do this part. It should be active as soon as you finish the Pretender to the Throne. Just open the map of the Dreadnaught one more time and choose the option to do a Patrol. This will spawn you in at the Hull Breach, and you can complete the next part of the quest in about 10 minutes. All you have to do is gather up 20 Echoes of Malok by killing any Taken.

Look for the pools of Taken energy that we’re showing in you in the screen capture. Running through these will cause three to four waves of Taken to Spawn, and killing them will drop you the Echoes of Malok that you need. You won’t get one for each kill, but rather about one for every three or four kills. Just keep searching the Hull Breach for these pools of energy and killing Taken until you complete this portion of the quest.

Step 3: Talk to Eris

Head back to the Tower and speak to everyone’s favorite NPC, Eris Morn. Okay, so she’s not likely high up on the cool list of NPCs in Destiny, but she’s useful in this case. Just walk up to her and interact. She’ll give you the next step in the At the Gates quest.

Step 4: Blighted Chalice

Head back to Orbit and open up a map of the Moon. There will be a new Strike showing in the Oceans of Storms region called the Blighted Chalice. You can complete this on Level 36 for our purposes, and do not have to wait for it to load from the Heroic list. Just choose this Strike as the one you want to do and the game will use matchmaking to find you some Guardians.

The Strike itself is fairly short and not overly difficult if you’re Level 40. Just move forward and kill the Taken as you always would. Focus on taking out the Blights to stop more Taken from spawning. If you get lost, use your Ghost to show you the path forward, and then get ready for the final fight with Malok.

Malok isn’t too hard to beat, but he does like to use a tactic called Shadow Touched. When this happens you’ll see a type of Taken fog on the ground, and your screen will lose color. You’ll also lose sound, and notice that your movement is reduced. Likely not a good time to be in the open, so focus on ad control until you’re no longer Shadow Touched. When you can move again, use headshots to get Precision damage on Malok. He should fall in no time.

Step 5: Return to Variks

After the Blighted Chalice Strike is over, head back to Orbit and then pay Variks a visit at the Reef. This time he will have a reward for you, the Dreadfang Legendary Sword that drops at 320. Considering the previous max Light was 320, this is going to be an upgrade to almost anyone who gets it in the first few days. The Dreadfang will do Void damage, and is particularly useful against the Taken. You might even call it the Taken Sword.

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