Destiny - How to Get the Zen Meteor Exotic

Destiny - How to Get the Zen Meteor Exotic

The new PlayStation exclusive Exotic.

This guide will help players get their hands on the Zen Meteor Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny. This weapon is the new PlayStation exclusive Exotic, meaning players on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One will not be able to get it. However, players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 can get to work adding it to their arsenal as soon as the April 12, 2016, update hits.

Hard to say if the Zen Meteor will be any good, but it's a shiny new toy just the same.

Because this weapon is not available through a quest or standard vendor in Destiny, at least that we know of, getting it to drop comes down to RNG. There are things you can do to help yourself out in this regard, so we’ll focus on upping the odds that you get an Exotic, and listing all the activities that they will drop from. Sadly, we can’t promise you that the Zen Meteor will drop for you. We can only make sure you’re doing the right things to increase the chances.

Three of Coins Method

One of the best ways to get a steady diet of Exotics to drop is to always keep a stash of Three of Coins on your Guardian, and make sure that you’re equipping them. Since they don’t work on a timer, you can equip them any time and leave them active until you complete a relevant activity. Activate one as soon as you log on and just go about your business.

If you aren’t familiar with the Three of Coins, they increase your chances of an Exotic dropping when you kill an Ultra or complete a match in the Crucible. Ultras are enemies that have a yellow health bar, a unique name, and feature a skull icon instead of a level. We’re assuming you know what a Crucible match is, so we don’t need to help you there. Just activate a Three of Coins before the round begins.

Something tells us that this Exotic Sniper Rifle might do Solar damage. Just a hunch.

The thing to remember about the Three of Coins is that it drops a random Exotic Engram, so you might not get what you’re looking for. All is not lost, however, as these will now drop at up to 335 Attack or Defense (after the April 12 update), so at the very least you can use it for Infusion. You might also just end up getting other Exotics that you need.

Guardians can purchase the Three of Coins from Xur, who arrives at the Tower (or Reef) every Friday at 05:00 EDT, and departs on Sunday at 05:00 EDT. Three of Coins come in packs of five and can be had for Seven Strange Coins. Unless Xur is selling something you absolutely must have, this is probably the best way you can spend the Agent of the Nine’s preferred currency.

Update: Yesterday we stocked up on Three of Coins, and were rewarded with four Exotic Engram drops. Two of them came from PvE events (one Nightfall and one Heroic Strike), and two came from playing in the Crucible. Popping Three of Coins in the Crucible might be a good way to stock up on Exotic Engrams since matches will last about five to seven minutes or so.

Buy it from Xur

After a helpful comment shed some light on Xur. We now know he is not an option for this.

While we originally thought that you could wait for Xur to sell a Special Weapon Engram, he does not currently do this. He will sell a Legacy Engram, but that is of no use to any of us when it comes to the Xen Meteor. Your best bet is still to stock up on Three of Coins (we scored four Exotic Engrams in two packs yesterday), and wait for a Special Weapon Engram to drop that way.

Thank you to nightmaretaco in the comments for keeping us accurate.

Random Exotic Drops

You can expect the Zen Meteor Exotic Sniper Rifle to drop anywhere that Exotics drop in general. If you want to up your chances, make sure you’re doing the Weekly Nightfall on all three of your characters. You are also guaranteed an Exotic the first time you complete the Prison of Elders, so make sure you’ve done that at least once on all three characters. There are Exotic chests in the three Raids, as well as a chance of Exotics when you compete in the Crucible. If you want to farm Ultras with the Three of Coins, try heading into the Court of Oryx and trying your luck there.

Again, there is no step-by-step way to that you can guarantee that the Zen Meteor Exotic Sniper Rifle will drop, so all you can do is make sure you’re increasing your chances by making a few small adjustments to your game. If you’re looking for something you have more control over, try our guide and get the Exotic Sword in Destiny.

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