Destiny - How to Reach Light 335

Destiny - How to Reach Light 335

Easiest way to get to 335 Light in Destiny.

This guide will help players get to 335 Light, the current maximum, in Destiny. With Bungie’s April 12 update, this is the new goal that every Guardian should be shooting for.

Unlike previous updates to Destiny, there are more ways to reach the 335 Light maximum than there have been in the past. More activities will reward that 335 gear, whereas the King’s Fall Raid was one of the only places to get the goods with Destiny: The Taken King. This means that if you love PvP, you can now hit the max playing that. You can also do it through the King’s Fall Rad, and through the Challenge of Elders. In short, there are options for just about every player out there.

Getting Good Loot Drops

The first thing that players need to know is that loot will drop around their current Light level, or slightly higher. This means that in order to get the best gear you possibly can at any given moment, you need to be wearing the best gear that you have. This also applies to decrypting Engrams or getting packages for leveling up with the various Factions. As an example of how this can bite you in the butt, we went into PvP wearing the entire Desolate Armor collection, which was at 3 Defense, and were rewarded with a Weapon drop at the end of a match that had an Attack rating of 85. Don’t be like us. Wear your best gear at all times.

Challenge of Elders - Level 42

With the new update, this is now the most difficult activity in the game. It has a Light recommendation of 320, and does not provide you with any matchmaking help. You’re going to have to find your own Fireteam to complete this, but it will provide you with up to 335 Weapons and Armor for your trouble, assuming you jump through all of the hoops. If you’re having issues finding a Fireteam, you can turn to the Destiny Reddit for some help.

Grab the Elder's Sigil from Variks before you start this end game activity in Destiny.

Be sure to grab the Elder’s Sigil from Variks at the Reef. This is a scorecard that you take with you into the Challenge of Elders. If you are able to meet the High Score in a week, Variks will give you a possible 335 Weapon, but it depends on your current Light level. You'll likely have to be above 330 Light to have a good shot at something 335. If you are able to hit the Cumulative Score in a week, he will give you a piece of Armor up to 335. Even if these aren’t pieces that you’re particularly fond of, you can Infuse them into other gear. As a quick reminder, Infusion now works on a 1:1 ratio, meaning if you Infuse a 335 item into something else, you get the 335 value on the item that received the Infusion.

King’s Fall Raid (Hard Mode)

Gear can drop up to 335 in the King’s Fall Raid (Hard Mode) now. Since the Raid requires about 300 Light in the earlier parts, and 320 for the final fight against Oryx, you should have no trouble getting through this once you surpass the 320 Light level. The most difficult thing will likely be finding other Guardians to help you, but for those with a well-established Fireteam, 335 gear is only a few critical shots to Oryx’s belly away.

Iron Banner PvP Events

The Iron Banner can drop up to 335 Weapons and Armor, although you’re relying very heavily on RNG for this. It’s best that if you want a direct path to 335, you go with activities that are going to give you those guaranteed rewards. You will get a guaranteed Ghost and Artifact for hitting Iron Banner Rank 3 and Iron Banner Rank 5 respectively, and these could drop all the way up to 335. Again, it’s up to RNG, so enjoy the Iron Banner as an activity, not as a surefire way to get to 335.

Weekly Trials of Osiris Event

For skilled PvP players with a solid Fireteam, Trials of Osiris is a good way to get 335 gear to drop.

Trials of Osiris will now give rewards for making it to Mercury, and the chest could drop Weapons and Armor up to 335 Attack and Defense. There will also be 330 items dropping for completing the weekly Trials of Osiris Bounties. Given how good some Trials teams are, it’s also worth noting that this is not an option for your average player. Luckily there are other options out there.

Decrypting Exotic Engrams

One of the easiest methods for your average player to reach 335 Light will be to decrypt Exotic Engrams at the Tower. Again, make sure you’re wearing your best gear, but doing so could reward you with drops up to 335. If you are having trouble getting Exotic Engrams to drop, pick up as many Three of Coins as you can carry from Xur, and then head into PvP and equip one at the start of each round. You could also do this while running the Court of Oryx if you’d rather stay out of PvP. We ended up with about 10 Exotic Engrams using the PvP method last week.

Play The Court of Oryx

Head into the Court of Oryx and start playing it at just about any level. You’ll get drops so long as you’re the person who put the Rune in. By running Tier 3, you could get a 335 Artifact to drop for you, which is a really good deal seeing as how easy these events have become. If you have stacks of the Three of Coins, put one on before each round and those Exotic Engrams, which could decrypt at 335, will start to drop in no time.

Lord Shaxx Weekly Bounties

Lord Shaxx is not against dropping a 335 Weapon or Armor piece if you finish his Bounties.

For those who have done all of the Crucible quests that came out with The Taken King, Shaxx should give you Bounties to complete each week. In fact, he should have six. If you complete them all, he will give you a Weapon or piece of Armor between 320 and 335. We did this today and got a set of 323 Gauntlets. It’s not a perfect system, but considering how easy these Bounties are for PvP players, it’s worth taking on the task in the hopes that you’ll get some good gear. Just remember that when you’re turning in the final Bounty, you’ll want to be wearing your best gear. This is the best way to ensure that the drop you get is a higher quality than what you currently have on.

Reach 335 Light with Infusion

One of the ways to hit 335 Light is to use the new Infusion system to your advantage. Since you now get a 1:1 return on anything you Infuse, and you get better gear to drop as you increase your Light, you can still inch your way there. This will help you raise your Light to levels that will make some of the above activities much easier.

As an example, let’s say you’re working with a 310 Helmet and you get a 315 Helmet to drop through an Engram that you decrypt. Great, Infuse the 315 into the 310 that you love, and it’s now 315. This will slowly raise your Light, causing items to drop or decrypt at higher levels.

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