Destiny - Iron Banner Bounty Guide

Destiny - Iron Banner Bounty Guide

How to complete Iron Banner bounties.

This guide will show players how to complete Year 2 Iron Banner Bounties for Lord Saladin, reaching Iron Banner Rank 5 in Destiny.

For players that opt to compete in the week long Iron Banner events in Destiny, it’s important to understand how the reputation system works, maximizing their earning potential to unlock Iron Banner specific rewards. If you aren’t fully up to speed on how this activity works, you should first read USgamer’s Destiny: Iron Banner Guide and Tips.

Because players will have a harder time increasing their reputation earlier in the week, completing the various Iron Banner Bounties that Lord Saladin stocks is very important. Today, we’re going to help you to complete each bounty that Lord Saladin offers, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your time in the activity. Be sure to check back each day of the event, as we’ll be adding tips for any new bounties that appear throughout the week.

Tip: If you have them, make sure you're wearing an Iron Banner Shader, Emblem, and Class Item. Class Items would be the Cloak for the Hunter, the Bond for the Warlock and the Mark for the Titan. By wearing one, two or even all three of these, you increase the rate at which you earn Iron Banner reputation. It may not seem like much, but the early levels are a bit of a grind. If a piece of your gear is going to increase the rate at which you earn reputation, it will say so when you hover your cursor over it. You can also buy these items from Lord Salidin as you reach new Iron Banner ranks.

Iron Banner Bounties

When the Iron Banner event is active, look above the Hall of Guardians in the Tower and you’ll see a new area that you can access. Head back and speak to Lord Saladin, the only NPC in the area, and you will be able to snag six Iron Banner Bounties to complete while you’re participating in the event.

Iron Gauntlet

  • 10 Kill Streak
  • 5 Double Kills
  • Top Overall Score
  • Iron Banner Rank 4

The Iron Banner Rank 4 stipulation is only going to take a time commitment to complete. Double Kills are easy enough if you have an offensive Super Ability, but the other two requirements are more difficult. Getting the Top Overall Score and a 10 Kill Streak are things that are typically reserved for elite players. If you want the Top Overall Score, you’ll have to be ultra-aggressive and go for as many kills as you can.

Update: The 10 Kill Streak requirement will be easier than anticipated. It seems to give you this even if you don't get 10 kills in a row. Maybe it's counting assists, or kills your team gets while you're alive. Either way, it's good news for average players who didn't expect to complete this Iron Banner Bounty.

Iron Marathon

  • 13 Matches Completed
  • 7 Iron Banner Wins

As the name suggests, this is again more of a time commitment than anything. What players need to know is that they don’t have to get 7 Iron Banner Wins within the 13 Matches Completed. You could lose your first 13 matches and then win 7 in a row to complete this Iron Banner Bounty. This will be key for players that aren’t in a Fireteam, as random teams tend to get beat up pretty badly in the Iron Banner event.

Iron Versatility

50 Primary Kills 25 Secondary Kills 7 Heavy Kills

It will be easy to complete the first two parts of this Iron Banner Bounty, but focus is required in order to get Heavy Ammo when it arrives at the five-minute mark of the match. Use whichever Heavy Weapon works best for you, but keep in mind that other players will also have Heavy Ammo and will try to hit you with a Rocket Launcher from across the map. Lay low for a moment and avoid tight spaces.

Iron Light

  • 15 Ability Kills

Ability Kills are classified as your Super Ability, Melee or Grenade. We use the Bladedancer Subclass for the Hunter in the Iron Banner, so we go with an attachable Grenade. You can get several kills a game this way. The Melee only counts if your Melee is actually charged. It won’t count just because you punched another Guardian. The Super Ability is a good way to stack up kills quickly. Either way, this is a fairly simple Iron Banner Bounty to complete within a couple of games.

Heavy Iron

  • 3 Heavy Kills

There used to be an Iron Banner Bounty that required consecutive kills with Machine Gun, but that seems to be gone now. This bounty only requires that you get 3 Heavy Kills, but they don’t have to be in one life, in a row, or even in the same match. You could get one Heavy Kill per match and complete this over the course of three rounds. Actually, you could do it over the course of 25 rounds. You just need any 3 Heavy Kills to complete it.

Iron Domination

  • 1,500 Points in a Match

This one is pretty easy since you don’t actually have to win. It used to be 2,500, which wasn’t even that bad. For this, just play the game and aim for 1,500 points during a single match. If you are there for the entire thing, and you are being active and going for kills, 1,500 points should be no trouble at all. Just leave this Iron Banner Bounty active and let it happen naturally.

Iron Workhorse

  • 20 Kills

This wouldn't have been difficult even if you had to get 20 Kills, but you don't even have to do that. We knocked this one out with a 10 Kill game, which means it either counts assists, or in some fashion is giving you credit for it as a Fireteam. Either way, this Iron Banner Bounty will be complete with little to no effort.

Iron Determination

  • 7 Kills While Leading

We wouldn't advise that you pay any attention to this particular bounty. It will happen naturally over the course of a game or two. Just pick this Iron Banner Bounty up and let it happen as you enjoy the game.

Iron Journeyman

  • Top 3 Finish

This one might be hard if you're a below average player or you're on a really good team. The good news is, you don't have to finish in the Top 3 between your team and your opponent, and you don't have to win. Just get a Top 3 Finish on your team and you'll be done with this Iron Banner Bounty.

Familiar Iron

  • 13 Primary Kills

Getting 13 Primary Kills is as straightforward as it sounds. You just need to kill 13 Guardians with any primary weapon. You can even spread the kills out over the course of several games, so no need to stress about getting it all done in one round. Depending on the map, this Iron Banner Bounty should be done within a game or two.

Iron Hued

  • Win a Match

It's a little more difficult than just winning a match if you want to complete this Iron Banner Bounty. You actually have to equip an Iron Banner Emblem or Shader. You can buy these from Lord Saladin, the Iron Banner vendor, or you can pick one up from the kiosks at the Tower (near the Speaker). If you have ever owned an Iron Banner Shader or Emblem, you can re-obtain it from there. Once you're wearing one of these, go play some Iron Banner matches until you win one.

Remember that Light levels matter in the Iron Banner, so let USgamer help you Get to 335 Light in Destiny in order to make the Iron Banner Bounty grind a little easier.

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