Destiny - Kaliks-12 Bounty

Destiny - Kaliks-12 Bounty

Find and defeat Kaliks-12.

This page will show you the location of Kaliks-12, as well as how to defeat the Servitor by traveling to the Skywatch region on Earth. This is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Start by visiting The Reef and chatting with Petra, the representative of the Queen who will give you the Wanted Bounties. If she has the Bounty for Kaliks-12, grab it (as well as the rest that she has) and head out. If she doesn’t have it, you can still find and kill this foe, as this Servitor will drop an Ether Key and allow you to open a chest. If Petra Venj doesn’t have this Bounty, you’ll need to wait until her stock refreshes each Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST for another shot at it.

Wanted: Kaliks-12

  • XP: 4,500
  • Reputation: 250

Make your way to Orbit, then choose to Patrol on Earth. You will start at The Steppes, so call your Sparrow and head forward and to the left. This path will take you through a canyon and deliver you to the Mothyards. Ride through here, going up the hill toward the building. Ride all the way through that building and you’ll find yourself at Skywatch.

Skywatch isn’t that big, so take a look around for any easy Patrol mission that you can complete. You might as well keep busy while you’re waiting for Kaliks-12 to show up, and it can take as long as 10 minutes. When you enter Skywatch, Kaliks-12 can show up directly to your left, or at the opposite end of the yard and in the corner on the left. You can hang out anywhere in the area, however, as the event is very easy to notice. Just look for a message in the bottom left hand corner of your HUD that says A Pack of Wolves is Prowling.

The first wave will deliver two important enemies called Scorch Captains. These guys will drop Scorch Cannons when they die, weapons that come with 10 shots each and can be used to blast your way to the final round. If you are alone, these should get you to the final wave, and if you are with other Guardians, sit back and save your Scorch Cannon for the final round. Let the other Guardian waste theirs and take out all of the enemies, then use yours to focus on Kaliks-12.

Kaliks-12 is a Servitor and can be a pain to kill. The good thing is that Servitors don’t have the melee strength of some of the other Wolves, so you can usually win this battle by sitting up high and raining fire down on your foe. If your Scorch Cannon is still in play, unload on this guy, then use your Heavy Ammo to reduce his health even further. We suggest this one a lot, but the Ice Breaker is a great way to go because it can deal massive critical damage when you shoot your enemy in the eye.

However you handle things, when Kaliks-12 falls you will get a message about an Ether Key and a timer that gives you 90 seconds to use it. If you fail to find and loot the chest before time runs out, you don’t get the loot, but can still claim your reward from Petra Venj at The Reef.

The loot chests in this area can be found in the following places;

  • In front of an old truck, just to the right of the original loot cave.
  • As you enter Skywatch, to the left and behind a metal fence.
  • Next to a metal building in the middle of the Skywatch area.
  • The back of Skywatch, on top of a building, near the hole in the roof.

With the Bounty complete and the loot in your hand, head off to your next event, which we’d love to help you with by having your visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide. If you’re all done for the day, get back to The Reef and see what Petra Venj has as a reward for your troubles.

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