Destiny: King's Fall Raid Challenge Mode Guide

Destiny: King's Fall Raid Challenge Mode Guide

Learn what Destiny’s challenge mode is all about.

The latest Destiny reset has brought with it the anticipated King’s Fall Raid Challenge Mode, which offers improved loot drops for players who complete the Raid Challenge on a higher difficulty. The challenges are offered for the Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Oryx boss fights. For this guide, we give a brief overview of how to complete each challenge and earn their valuable loot.

Each week, one of the King’s Fall bosses will provide a challenge for players to complete, granting better loot drops for those who prefer playing higher difficulty Raids. The first challenge was for the Warpriest, with the other Raid challenges following soon after.

Challenge mode requires players to complete a King’s Fall boss fight in a specific way, but in true Bungie fashion, the steps for completing each challenge are not overtly revealed. Players must simply dive into each Raid and figure out how to complete the challenge through trial and error. Luckily, the Destiny community has quickly uncovered the steps for completing each challenge, and we've summarized their findings below.

How to Defeat the Warpriest Challenge

Upon entering a Raid Challenge, some modifier text will pop up in the lower corner indicating that the Challenge has begun. For the Warpriest Challenge, players must fight the Warpriest as they usually would. The only stipulation is that there must be a different player holding the Aura for each damage phase, and a single Guardian cannot hold the Aura more than once during the fight.

Additionally, the Warpriest will have a faster fire rate, and will spawn higher difficulty enemies more quickly. Players can die and even wipe during the battle, and still have a chance to complete this challenge. There is no limit on the number of damage phases, just as long as a different Guardian holds the Aura for each phase.

Many players feel that this criteria is not much of a challenge, since it is similar to the strategy most competent Raid teams use to defeat the Warpriest anyway. As long as there are multiple Aura holders throughout the fight, players can defeat the Warpriest as they usually would to earn the new higher level loot.

Warpriest Challenge Loot Drops

Although the Warpriest Challenge may be considered less challenging than expected, many players are happy with the improved loot drop given for completing the challenge on a higher difficulty. Players can expect to earn at least one weapon and one Artifact by finishing the challenge on either Normal or Hard modes. Normal Mode offers a 310 level Artifact, and a 310 ATK level weapon. Likewise, Hard Mode drops a 320 level weapon and 320 Artifact, along with 310 level loot.

Beating the Warpriest Challenge also rewards players with the Worm Gods' Servant emblem, as well as one of the missing Calcified Fragments. The Calcified Fragment can drop from completing either difficulty, but will drop only once. Keep in mind that you will not be notified whether you completed the challenge until the end. If you do not receive the Calcified Fragment from your first Challenge kill, then the challenge wasn’t achieved properly. For a list of all the known Calcified Fragment locations, head over to our Calcified Fragment Locations Guide.

How to Defeat the Golgoroth Challenge

Similarly to the Warpriest Challenge, the Golgoroth Challenge requires a Raid team to alternate the Gaze between all players. Typically, players would adopt the “one gaze” or “single orb” strategy to defeat Golgoroth, meaning that a single player would acquire the Gaze while the rest of the players remain in the pit, damaging Golgoroth for the Gaze duration. This strategy still works here, but with slight modification.

For the Golgoroth Challenge, each player must hold the Gaze at least once before the timer reaches zero. To do this, one player must obtain the Gaze as they normally would, while the other teammates each leave the pit to obtain the Gaze themselves. The strategy here is to have the first Gaze holder wait until their timer has about five seconds remaining, at which point they will notify the second player to leave the pit to grab the Gaze next. Players must shoot at the critical damage spot in Golgoroth’s back to shift and obtain Golgoroth’s Gaze. It helps to assign a number to each teammate so that each player can get the Gaze in order. If any player holds the Gaze more than once during the same damage phase, then the Challenge will not be completed.

This pattern repeats until each player has left the damage pool to hold the Gaze at least once. The last player to hold the Gaze can allow its timer to run down, and the process starts again for the next damage phase. The entire process of having each player hold the Gaze once must occur for each damage phase done to Golgoroth, unless Golgoroth dies within one of the phases.

Golgoroth Challenge Loot Drops

Completing the Golgoroth Challenge on Normal Mode gives players a 310 level armor piece (boots, gauntlets, or chest piece), a 310 level Artifact, and a Calcified Fragment. Hard Mode grants players a 320 level armor piece (boots, gauntlets, or chest piece), a 320 level Artifact, the Devourer of Light emblem, and any of the Normal Mode loot that was not already issued. In addition to the Challenge Mode rewards, players still receive the regular random loot drop that is given from defeating Golgoroth.

Whether you’re looking to increase your Light level, earn better loot, or pick up the latest Calcified Fragment, the King’s Fall Challenge Mode can offer several benefits for various Destiny players. Be sure to check back for details on future King’s Fall Challenges in the coming weeks.

How to Defeat the Oryx Challenge

The Oryx Challenge Mode is a little bit tougher, but is still possible with a well organized fireteam. The goal of the Oryx Challenge is to detonate a total of 16 Blight Bombs all at once, reducing Oryx’s health to one percent to finish the fight.

Players can use the same general strategy that most fireteams use to defeat Oryx already. Assign three players to stand on plates, one Relic runner, and one or two floaters to stay near the center to kill Light Eater Ogres and other mobs as they spawn. Play the battle as you normally would, killing Knights and Ogres. Once the Major Knight is down, shoot at Oryx in the chest to stagger him. Clear out the remaining mobs, and try not to detonate any of the bombs.

You will need to accumulate bombs during each phase until there are 16 total. The best way to do this is to focus on killing each Light-Eater Ogre as soon as they begin crawling up from their spawn to guarantee having the bombs drop in these spots. If the bombs are not detonated, Oryx will summon the Shade Dimension to teleport the players, so be prepared.

Once your fireteam has 16 bombs on the ground, have each teammate stand near one of the four bomb clusters to prepare for detonation. After staggering Oryx one last time, have your teammates run towards the bombs at the same time to trigger and synchronize their detonation. If all 16 bombs detonate at once, Oryx’s health will diminish to nearly one percent. All you need to do now is shoot him in the chest to finish him off.

This process should require at least four phases to gather the necessary amount of Blight bombs. It also doesn’t matter who obtains the Relic throughout the fight or who shoots the Ogres. What matters is having the 16 bombs ready to detonate at the end of the fourth phase.

Oryx Challenge Loot Drops

Similarly to the other Challenges, completing the Oryx Challenge on Normal Mode grants players a Calcified Fragment, a 310 level weapon or helmet, and a 310 level Artifact. Hard Mode rewards players with a 320 level weapon or helmet, a 320 Artifact, the Of Light and Hunger emblem, and the Normal Mode loot. Players still get the random loot drops that they usually would get from defeating Oryx as well.

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