Destiny - Mercher Orbiks-11 Bounty

Destiny - Mercher Orbiks-11 Bounty

Find and defeat Mercher Orbiks-11.

This page will show you how locate and terminate Mercher Orbiks-11 at the Ishtar Cliffs on Venus. This Queen’s Wrath Bounty is part of the House of Wolves DLC and is obtained by visiting The Reef and speaking with Petra Venj.

If you have the Bounty in your inventory, you can skip this step and go straight to your target’s location. If you don’t have it, grab it (along with all the rest) from Petra Venj. When you spawn into The Reef she can be found up the small set of stairs to your left. Should she not have this available, you can check back at 5:00 AM EST each Tuesday when her stock refreshes. Of course, you can still go after this fool even if you don’t have the Bounty, as there is an Ether Key awarded when Mercher Orbiks-11 falls. This key will let you loot a nearby chest for a shot at some fairly cool rewards.

Wanted: Mercher Orbiks-11

  • XP: 4,500
  • QW Reputation: 250

Take your favorite ship to Orbit and choose the option to Patrol on Venus. This will start you off in the Headlands, and you want to drive forward and follow the path as it hooks to the right. Shortly after you begin, this will take you to some busted cars and Fallen enemies. This territory is referred to as the Shattered Coast. Speed through the enemies and continue to follow the path in the only direction you can. There will be opportunities for you to go into buildings, but you want to stay outside. As long as you keep riding your Sparrow forward and not going in buildings, you will eventually end up at the Ishtar Cliffs, which is where you want to be.

The event you’re looking for runs once about every 10 minutes, and you’ll have no idea if it just ended, so prepare to sit around and do some waiting. Our favorite spot to do this is up on one of the large rock formations, as most enemies can’t get a shot on you there. Under the right circumstances you can even kill Mercher Orbiks-11 from here, but more on that in a minute.

These Bounties are tough to solo, but not impossible. If you’re the only guardian in the area when you get the message that A Pack of Wolves is Prowling, get ready for a tough fight. It begins with two pesky Scorch Captains in the first waves, but luckily they will drop Scorch Cannons when you kill them. Pick these up, and then use the 10 rounds they hold to obliterate your opposition for the next several waves. If your aim is true and your foes bunch up a bit, you should be able to use nothing but these Scorch Cannons to get all the way to the final wave. This is where Mercher Orbiks-11 will appear.

Again, if you’re by yourself, the best way to win this fight is to take out the supporting cast first. This means anyone and everyone near your main target. Kill them all, leaving your primary objective alone and much easier to handle. From here, use your Super Ability, Grenade, and even Special and Heavy Weapons to lower Mercher Orbiks-11’s health. We’ve found that a Heavy Weapon in the form of a Machine Gun that does Arc damage is great here. Just make sure you have the Ammo for it.

If you are with several other Guardians, sit back and let them do most of the work. Seriously, Destiny can be a grind, and there is no point to getting all sweaty when you can get the rewards for minimal effort. Just make sure to actually cause damage to Mercher Orbiks-11, otherwise you won’t get the Ether Key that gives you access to the chest.

You can find the chest in the following locations;

  • On a flat rock surface in front of where you enter the Ishtar Cliffs.
  • High on another flat rock, near the cliffs and in front of where you enter the Ishtar Cliffs.
  • As you enter the Ishtar Cliffs, hug the left wall. It’s in a tunnel.
  • On the largest rock formation at the Ishtar Cliffs, a fair distance from where you enter.

When you have your loot in hand, get back to The Reef and turn your Bounty in to Petra Venj. She’ll have more rewards for you. If you’d rather just keep working away at more Bounties, visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide and we’ll help you knock them all off.

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