Destiny Prison of Elders - Gulrot, Unclean

Destiny Prison of Elders - Gulrot, Unclean

Defeat Gulrot, Unclean in Prison of Elders.

This page will show you how to defeat Gulrot, Unclean in the Prison of Elders in Destiny. This event will rotate in and out with the weekly reset every Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST. This guide will show you how to take out the boss, but we won’t be touching on the four previous rounds. Those tend to swap out their modifiers each week, and therefore a walkthrough wouldn’t help.

Defeat Gulrot, Unclean

This fight isn’t actually that bad, other than the fact Wizards are jerks, bile is gross, and being frozen in place really sucks. Still, as far as Prison of Elders goes, this one is not nearly as bad as what players have to deal with when they go up against Qodron, Gate Lord.

As soon as you leave the airlock and enter the arena, go to your left and don’t stop until you can’t go any further. You’ll reach an area with two platforms that are separated by some stairs. This is the ideal place to set up for the battle. Besides Wizards, most enemies will have to use the stairs to reach you, which cuts off the directions that you can be attacked from.

We’re not exactly sure on the timing (we were busy trying not to die), but every minute or so a message will appear that says Gulrot’s stomach gurgles and churns. Shortly after another will show up and tell you that Gulrot belches and covers the room in bile. When this happens your movement will be restricted for 10 seconds. If you are in the open, expect to die. This is why we highly suggest using a Hunter, and the Bladedancer Subclass that will let you go invisible. This way you can avoid Gulrot, plus any wandering Wizards that decide to try and hug you.

Of course, diversity is always good, so a Titan using the Defender Subclass and Ward of Dawn definitely helps here as well. If they are also rocking Weapons of Light, that will help you to stay safe and deal major damage to Gulrot, Unclean. It goes without saying that the Gjallarhorn is handy here, but we managed to do it with just a couple of Ice Breakers and some solid communication. Don’t buy into the idea that every boss is only doable if you can cheese them and have a Gjallarhorn.

Gulrot, Unclean is an Ogre, and his critical hit point is a tumor like mass that hangs on his chest. It is the same as Phogoth, so do your best to put damage there. This can be hard as he moves around, but if you are using a Sniper Rifle and go for that spot, you will at least hit is some of the time. If you are really in a pinch, trying using a Scout Rifle. They do decent damage and you can put a lot of shots in a small group in a short period of time.

The Major threat here are the Wizards, and they tend to show up in pairs. If this happens, focus only on defeating them, and then turn your attention to Gulrot, Unclean. Wizards will fly right into your personal space and kill you in a short amount of time. This is especially a problem while you are stuck in Gulrot’s bile, which is why the Bladedancer is so appealing here.

That’s pretty much all there is to this fight. Gulrot, Unclean is one of the easier bosses to beat in the Prison of Elders. Just make sure that you bring your Treasure Key for when you kill him.

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