Destiny Prison of Elders - Kaliks Reborn

Destiny Prison of Elders - Kaliks Reborn

Defeat Kaliks Reborn in the Prison of Elders.

This page will show you how to defeat Kaliks Reborn in the Prison of Elders. This boss can be fought at level 32 or 34, depending on the weekly reset. During some weeks you may not see Kaliks at all, and you will typically see different enemies or modifiers in the first four rounds prior to the final boss. We won’t be helping you with those, but we will help you to spank Kaliks Reborn.

Defeat Kaliks Reborn

After exiting the airlock, there are two areas that you’ll want to make your primary points for this battle. One is to the right and on a platform along the wall, and the other is to the left, all the way around the arena and on a second platform. You can choose to sit at whichever one you want, but the platform to the left is ideal for when you have the Kill Target objective later on.

During the first part of the battle, don’t worry about Kaliks Reborn at all. Just kill all of the adds (enemies other than the boss), leaving the Dregs with yellow health bars (Majors) alone. Kaliks will consume these to replenish his health, so you don’t need to waste ammunition on killing them. Some people will tell you to kill these Dregs to prevent Kaliks from replenishing health, but our method is better for your average Fireteam.

When all of the adds are dead, focus your fire on Kaliks Reborn. Aim for the Servitor’s eye, dealing critical damage until his health reaches about 75 percent. At this point he will replenish that health and spawn in more adds. As you did before, kill them all before you focus any of your attention on Kaliks.

When the adds are dead, start hitting the boss again, this time taking his health down to 50 percent. He will regenerate it a second time, but the main priority here is a Kill Target objective that you’ll have to deal with. This target will be marked, and must be eliminated before it can reach the final checkpoint. This is the only focus of your Fireteam right now. Make sure to hit him with Arc weapons (Rocket Launcher) to take his shield down and allow you to deal damage. When he falls, go to one of the platforms and regroup before you end the fight.

You can either take out all of the adds and then kill Kaliks, or you can just kill Kaliks and end this fight. We suggest the former if you want to stay safe. Once the adds are dead, have all of your Fireteam members quickly eliminate the boss. Critical hits are key, but so is dumping all of your Heavy Ammo into this fool. It’s really just a shooting gallery at this point.

When Kaliks Reborn falls, head back to the airlock and get ready to enter the Treasure Room. If you don’t have a key, you can use the Destiny companion app to move one to the vault from another character, and then from the vault to this one. We’ve had to do that several times. Just make sure nobody on your team opens the first chest and starts the timer. This way you should have as much time as needed to get yourself sorted out.

For more help with the Prison of Elders and Queen’s Wrath Bounties, visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Guide.

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