Destiny Prison of Elders - Qodron, Gate Lord

Destiny Prison of Elders - Qodron, Gate Lord

Learn how to defeat Qodron, the Forever Eater in the Prison of Elders.

This page will show you how to defeat Qodron, Gate Lord in the Prison of Elders. This is a PvE (Player Versus Environment) activity that came with the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

The Qodron boss fight will not take place until the final of the five rounds in Prison of Elders. This means that Guardians will have to work their way through the random enemies, modifiers and objectives that are thrown at them during the first four rounds. This can include other mini boss fights, but they tend to be far easier to overcome than the one against Qodron.

Defeat Qodron, Gate Lord

First of all, we defeated this boss with three Hunters, all running the Bladedancer Subclass that gives them access to the Arc Blade. If configured correctly, this allows players to go invisible in three different ways, which can help them to survive when they are overrun by enemies in the area. This is not essential, but our particular Fireteam found that it helped to keep us alive during those particularly hopeless moments. It’s also ideal in dismantling the mines that you will undoubtedly see in the first four rounds. Time and time again we would go invisible and dismantle a mine (or revive a fallen teammate) without our foes having any clue.

The Gjallarhorn Method

It’s been proven that three Guardians who each have a Gjallarhorn can take Qodron down in about 30 seconds. This is done by having someone use a Titan with the Defender Subclass. At the very start of the fight, just as you exit the airlock, use your Super Ability to deploy the Ward of Dawn. This will protect you and your Fireteam while you focus your Gjallarhorn fire on Qodron.

Use the following steps to complete this:

  • All three Guardians must have a Gjallarhorn.
  • All three players must have Heavy Ammunition.
  • All Guardians must have Heavy Ammo Synthesis.
  • One Guardian needs to be a Titan.
  • The Titan should be using the Defender Subclass.
  • As you exit the airlock the Titan will use Ward of Dawn.
  • All players unload all Gjallarhorn rounds into Qodron.
  • All three Guardians use Heavy Ammo Synthesis.
  • Each member again hits Qodron with the Gjallarhorn.

The Non-Gjallarhorn Method

This one is going to take you some time, and it’s likely going to cause some frustration if you don’t have the weapons needed to get it done. At the very least, you probably need at least two Guardians with a fully upgraded Ice Breaker, and it would be even better if one of you had a Gjallarhorn. It’s not essential, but this will make the fight much easier.

Start off by assigning roles to your Fireteam members. One person should be dealing strictly with Qodron’s Eye and the Jail Breaker buff (more on that in a moment). One person should be the primary damage dealer to Qodron, and they should be the person who has the Gjallarhorn or Ice Breaker. The final person will help spot Qodron’s Eye, as well as deal with other enemies and deal secondary damage to Qodron when possible.

It’s also important to remember that a positive attitude is key here, and we’re not kidding. This is a very finicky fight, and things can go wrong no matter how skilled or prepared you are. If you fail a few times (or a lot), just take a deep breath and know that it’s beyond your control. Sometimes random events are unavoidable. You will beat Qodron if you follow this formula.

As soon as you exit the airlock, turn left and run along the wall until you find yourself unable to go any further. You can use this wall to dodge Qodron’s attacks, and there is room behind the random objects for other Fireteam members to move around and work.

About 45 seconds into the fight you will see a message that says Qodron is searching for targets. At this point your Jail Breaker needs to find and kill one of the Qodron’s Eye enemies that will spawn near him and wander over to you. These are just glorified Goblins that are a bit more shiny than the regular ones, and they even have critical hit points on their bellies. Try to do massive damage to one, but not kill it until you see the Qodron is searching for targets message. This will ensure that your Jail Breaker buff does not run out before you can use it.

Shortly after you see that Qodron is searching for targets you will find yourself stuck in a shield. This will continuously damage you until you can break out, which is doable without the Jail Breaker buff, but that is playing with fire. The most effective thing you can do is have all Fireteam members huddle up when you see this message, that way you are all in the same shield. The Jail Breaker can then break you out, something that is done much easier if they are rocking a high-damage Shotgun.

From this point you will have about 55 seconds until you find yourself stuck in another shield, so you want to have your Jail Breaker start looking for and weakening a Qodron’s Eye right away. Another member of your team needs to start clearing out any secondary enemies that are closing in on your position, and the Qodron member of your team needs to be putting critical hits on this fool at every opportunity. Again, if you have a Gjallarhorn this will be much easier, but two team members with Ice Breakers is all that our squad had, and we managed to mess him up as three level 33 Hunters.

The other thing you have to keep in mind for this fight is that your primary concern needs to be taking out the enemies who rush you, and keeping everyone healthy and alive. When one Fireteam member falls, that is one job that isn’t getting done, and it won’t be long before things start to crumble. If one does fall, forget Qodron for a minute and focus on clearing out your foes and reviving your pals. If it was the Jail Breaker that died, someone has to take that role in their absence. Keep everyone alive, keep the random enemies off your backs, and then focus on dealing damage to Qodron.

When Qodron falls you’ll be done. All you have do then is return to the airlock and drop through the floor to claim your treasure. Hopefully you have a Treasure Key, but either way you should get some decent return, such as an Armor Core or Weapon Core, depending on the level you completed. Also keep in mind that you can only earn one Weapon Core or Armor Core per week (per character), so there is little point in doing this again later on, unless you do it in a different difficulty level.

Be sure to check out our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide for more information on the Prison of Elders, Queen’s Wrath Bounties, and all-new story missions.

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