Destiny Prison of Elders - Urrox, the Flame Prince

Destiny Prison of Elders - Urrox, the Flame Prince

Defeat Urrox, the Flame Prince in the Prison of Elders.

This page will show you how to beat Urrox, the Flame Prince while playing the Prison of Elders game mode in Destiny. This challenge boss can show up as either level 32 or 34 activity, but the formula for defeating him will remain the same.

Urrox is one of the challenge bosses in the Prison of Elders, meaning that he comes with a nifty little special ability that makes the fight more complicated than anyone would prefer. In the case of this boss, he burns the ground, forcing Guardians to stay in the air in order to avoid taking damage. Don’t worry, he doesn’t do it constantly, and when he does it only lasts a few seconds.

Defeat Urrox, the Flame Prince

Once you leave the airlock, turn left and make your way along the wall until you can jump up and take cover behind a wall. There are two platforms you can use, as well as stairs that lead to each one. These platforms are the ones you will stay on until the fight is over. Just be careful of the platform closest to Urrox, as it tends to be wonky. Get too close to a wall and you will be teleported into the middle of the map. This is the game thinking you are leaving the playable area when you’re not. Teleporting you is the way that it brings you back into the fight. It’s a glitch that needs to get fixed, and the only way to avoid it is to stay clear of that platform. Luckily the other one works quite well.

Shortly after you arrive at your platform you will get a notice that says Urrox summons his rage. This is your warning that the floor is about to catch fire. When the message updates to Urrox’s rage burns the ground, you’ll need to start jumping. If you’re a Hunter, use your triple jump. If you’re a Titan or a Warlock, us the lift, glide, or whatever it’s called, but stay off the ground. Your feet can touch for a moment so that you can jump again, but you’ll want to stay in the air as much as possible until the ground is no longer on fire. The downer here is that Urrox will burn the ground about once a minute, so expect to have to play the jumping game several times before the battle is over. Just look for the messages on the screen so you know when it’s coming.

Once you can put your feet on the ground, have one Fireteam member work on killing all of the random enemies in the Arena, while the more powerful Guardians with the best weapons work on the boss. Of course, if you have Gjallarhorn it will be useful here, but so will the Ice Breaker, or any weapon that does decent damage, even if it’s just a Primary Weapon. The point is, hurt the boss as often as possible. The longer this fight goes on, the more likely that something will go wrong and your team will wipe.

The critical point for this boss is his head, and it’s not small so you shouldn’t have trouble hitting it. Avoid Hand Cannons due to the shorter range, and Auto Rifles because they aren’t accurate. Go with a Scout Rifle, Pulse Rifle, or even that Ice Breaker we mentioned earlier. Just make your shots count. Every shot that doesn’t land on this guy’s head is one more you’ll have to fire to kill him. Take your time and be accurate.

Players will also want to pay attention to the modifier. If you aren’t sure what it is, bring up your Ghost and it should say on the screen. This can be a game changer. For example, if it’s Solar Burn you will want to use weapons (like the Ice Breaker) that do Solar damage. There are a lot of possibilities, so be sure to take a look and adjust as need be.

When Urrox, the Flame Prince finally does fall, make your way back to the airlock and get ready to drop through the floor to open the three chests. If you don’t have a Treasure Key, have your teammates wait before opening them so you can use the Destiny companion app to transfer a key from another character.

If you have other bosses to kill or bounties to complete, be sure to visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Guide for assistance.

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