Destiny - Queenbreaker Captain Bounty

Destiny - Queenbreaker Captain Bounty

Hunt and kill the Queenbreaker Captain.

This page will show you the location of the Queenbreaker Captain at Docks-13 on Earth, as well as give you a few tips to kill this target. Players can obtain this Queen’s Wrath Bounty by visiting Petra Venj at The Reef. It is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC.

Wanted: Queenbreaker Captain

There are two types of Bounties that Petra Venj gives players. Some of them are for targets that give you an Ether Key when you kill them, and others give you virtually nothing. The former are worth finding and killing even if you don’t have a Bounty, but the latter aren’t worth your trouble unless you stand to gain the XP and Queen’s Wrath reputation by turning the completed task in. The Queenbreaker Captain is a target that isn’t worth your time unless you have the Bounty.

  • XP: 3,500
  • QW Reputation: 100

When you have done all that you need to at The Reef, take your Fireteam to Orbit and choose the Patrol option on Earth. This will have you spawn in at The Steppes, and summoning your Sparrow is optional. The trip you have to make is not very far at all.

Start by turning around and going into the building behind you. There is a body of water near it, as well as a couple Dregs, Vandals and Shanks that spawn nearby. Kill them or run past, heading into the building and following the path until you go down some steps and see a door on your right. Go through the door and look to your right again, and this will be the location of the Queenbreaker Captain. In fact, he might be staring at you right now.

Our advice is to hit this fool with everything you have as quickly as you can. He will rush you, but if you back up to the top of the stairs he should stop chasing. This allows you to draw him in and fight him, but also to stay away from his powerful melee attacks.

In terms of weapons you might want to use, an Arc Grenade from a Hunter will take any shield that this guy has down, allowing you to follow up with your weapon of choice. You can also mess him up with an Arc Shotgun, or an Arc Heavy weapon. Just make sure to embrace the Arc damage type to ensure you don’t have to worry about the shield. If you are a level 30 or higher, you should have absolutely no trouble finishing this fight on your own, and perhaps won’t even have to retreat to the stairs.

When the Queenbreaker Captain dies, the only indication of success you will have is the Bounty popping up as complete. If you cleaned out all of Petra Venj’s stock, head to our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide and let us help you with the rest of your work. If you’re all done, make your way back to The Reef and turn your Bounties in for a reward. Be sure to equip weapons and armor you want to level up before you turn them in to get the XP boost.

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