Destiny - Queenbreaker Vandal Bounty

Destiny - Queenbreaker Vandal Bounty

Find the Queenbreaker Vandals on Venus.

This page will show you where you can find and kill the Queenbreaker Vandals by visiting the Cinders on Venus. This is a Queen’s Wrath bounty that is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC, and can be obtained from Petra Venj at the Reef.

Players should get into the habit of picking up all six of the Queen’s Wrath bounties that Petra Venj offers. She only has six per week, and they refresh every Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST. Three of those bounties will be for targets that give you Ether Keys, and three will be for targets that do not. The Queenbreaker Vandals are a fairly easy fight, and therefore will not drop an Ether Key after you have killed them. This means that finding and eliminating them is nearly pointless if you don’t have the bounty.

Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals

  • XP: 3,500
  • QW Reputation: 100

You don’t need a Fireteam for this, but if you have one you can take them to Orbit and make your way to the Patrol option on Venus. From your spawn point you’ll want to summon your Sparrow and head to the left. The path is linear, and very soon you will be at the Ember Caves. Look for a platform that sits in front of a cave entrance. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you find a Fallen Captain hanging out with his minions. Run past them all and into the caves, and then get ready to run and jump past countless foes as you make your way to the Cinders. Seriously, if you try and kill them all it will take longer than if you were on a mission. Just ignore them and travel in the only direction you can.

Eventually you’ll emerge at the very top of a cliff, and at the opposite side of the area will be a huge ship. You need to make your way over to this ship, turning left when you step onto it. The room in front of you is where you will find the Queenbreaker Vandals, but there are likely countless foes supporting them by shooting at you. Take out the supporting cast if it makes your life easier, but otherwise just kill the Queenbreaker Vandals and return to Orbit.

The reason that we suggest going to Orbit rather than just backtracking is because it’s faster. It will take you less time to load back into Venus than it will to pass back through to the Ember Caves. You’ll also notice that you didn’t get an Ether Key, but the bounty should have popped up as complete when the last Queenbreaker Vandal fell. All you have to do now is head back to the Reef and turn the completed bounty over to Petra Venj. If you still have more of her work to do, we’d suggest knocking that off first and then handing them all in at the same time.

Whatever activities you plan to participate in next, our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide can help you to make quick work of it.

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