Destiny - Tracer Shanks Bounty

Destiny - Tracer Shanks Bounty

Hunt down the Tracer Shanks at the Breach on Earth.

This page will show you how to find the Tracer Shanks at the Breach on Earth. This Queen’s Wrath Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC, and can be obtained by visiting Petra Venj at The Reef. We would advise being at least level 27 before attempting this, as some enemies will be level 28.

Begin by traveling to The Reef and speaking with Petra Venj. She will have new Queen’s Wrath Bounties every Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST when her stock refreshes. In the case of the Tracer Shanks, there is no Ether Key or chest to loot after killing them, so don’t bother doing so unless there is an active Bounty. There is a chance you will get a Treasure Key, Token of Identity, Token of Flight or Token of Judgement, but the chances are you don’t need any of those.

Wanted: Tracer Shanks

  • XP: 3,500
  • Reputation: 100

Ensure that you have the Bounty in one of your inventory slots before you decide to tackle this, and then take your Fireteam to Orbit. From here you need to select the Patrol option on Earth, which will spawn you in at The Steppes. It’s not horribly far, but you can shorten the travel time by summoning your Sparrow.

Turn around from where you spawn in and go into the building just past the small pond that typically has Dregs, Vandals and Shanks hanging about. Ride your Sparrow all the way through, dodging the enemies who will engage you, including the Queenbreaker Captain. As you exit the building you’ll be at The Divide, and you need to turn right and go to the far end of the area. This will take you past a building and several tanks that have seen better days. Once there, take note of a hole in the side of the building, and go through there to continue to track your target.

Take a left when you enter the building, and then the first door on your right. Go left after you pass through the door, up the stairs and along the hallway. You’ll find two traps near the end. Shoot them and then round the corner, killing the Stealth Vandal along the way. This will put you on a bridge, and on the far side is where you can find the Tracer Shanks you seek. Also be careful of the Vandal to your left who likes to pop off sniper rounds at you.

As you begin to shoot the Tracer Shanks, they may very well tuck into the room behind them. If this happens you’ll have to cross the bridge and finish them off, being very careful of any other foes that might be there to protect them.

After killing the Tracer Shanks the Bounty should pop and indicate it’s complete. Your only reward (unless one just dropped) is from turning this in to Petra Venj at The Reef. If you’d rather stay out and do some more work, read our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide and make your life a little eaiser.

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