Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get and Use Splicer Keys, Splicer Intel Relays, and SIVA Offerings

Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get and Use Splicer Keys, Splicer Intel Relays, and SIVA Offerings

Here's the best way to get and use Splicer Keys, Splicer Intel Relays, and SIVA Offerings from The Plaguelands.

Destiny: Rise of Iron brings with it an exciting new set of missions and a new Patrol area to explore in The Plaguelands, but it also means a new set of things to collect and find uses for. Given how vague Destiny can be with its secrets, it can be difficult figuring out where to find the right things and how to use them. This guide will show you how to find and use the three most commonly sought after items: Splicer Keys, Splicer Intel Relays, and SIVA Offerings.

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Splicer Keys

Splicer Keys are a new addition to Destiny in Rise of Iron which let you unlock loot caches and other areas such as Archon's Keep, where you get the quest that will net you the Year 3 Gjallarhorn. You can get Splicer Keys through normal play by killing enemies during a Patrol in The Plaguelands, but you're still at the mercy of the RNG gods. But there's an easier way to score as many Splicer Keys as you need. Here's the most effective, reliable way to get Splicer Keys.

Begin a Patrol in The Plaguelands, which will cause you to spawn in Lord's Watch. Move forward a bit and you'll encounter a Hive force lead by a Brood Mother. Kill her, or even assist in killing her, and you're guaranteed to get a Splicer Key. As of the launch of Rise of Iron, this particular Brood Mother almost always drops a Splicer Key, so you can keep going into orbit to repopulate the area and keep killing the Brood Mother over and over. Note that the maximum number of Splicer Keys you're allowed to carry is 10, so if you want to stock up more, you'll need to drop some off at the vault.

Once you have a Splicer Key, you can unlock passages that are blocked off by laser grids by interacting with the blue terminal next to them. Inside you can find chests and temporary relics like the axe that you use to beat the final boss of the main quest line of Rise of Iron. But more importantly, it lets you get back into the Archon's Keep arena and gain access to the Echoes of the Past quest which will net you a Gjallarhorn. For more information about how to get the Gjallarhorn, look at How to Get the Gjallarhorn Exotic Weapon and How to Find the Iron Medallions.

Splicer Intel Relays

Splicer Intel Relays come with many different kinds of flavor text, but they all serve the same function: Unlocking the gate that leads back to The Cosmodrome, the very first area in Destiny. Gaining access to The Cosmodrome is necessary for completing the Khvostov Exotic Quest. For more on the Khvostov Exotic Quest, read How to Get the Khvostov 7G-OX and How to Find the Khvostov Parts.

Getting Splicer Intel Relays are a bit harder than getting Splicer Keys, but they can be found in the same places – namely, as a rare random drop from Brood Mothers. Again, you can easily farm for Splicer Intel Relays near the Patrol starting point at Lord's Watch, but it might take you a little longer to finally get one. Luckily, you'll probably only need one, as aside from kicking off the Khvostov Exotic Quest, they don't appear to have much of a use, at least not yet.

SIVA Offerings

SIVA Offerings are what you need to start up Archon's Forge challenges, which are basically arena battles and Rise of Iron's version of The Taken King's Court of Oryx. One attempt at the Forge will expend one SIVA Offering, so you'll want to have multiples on hand since the Forge challenges tend to be one of the most difficult things to beat in Rise of Iron.

Many of the tougher enemies will sometimes drop SIVA Offerings, but the best place to get them is from Archon Priests during Quarantine Patrol missions. For a complete guide to Patrols and how to find and do Quarantine Patrols, check out Plaguelands and Quarantine Patrol Hints for everything you need to know. The first part of these Patrols always tasks you with killing an Archon Priest, and it doesn't even need to be you doing the Patrol so long as you help take a Priest down.

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