Destiny: Rise of Iron – Plaguelands and Quarantine Patrol Hints

Destiny: Rise of Iron – Plaguelands and Quarantine Patrol Hints

Here's everything you need to know about Patrols in The Plaguelands, including details on the new Quarantine Patrols.

Patrols in Destiny set you loose in the different sprawling maps to wander as you see fit as the game doles out an endless supply of little missions for you to accomplish in it. Rise of Iron gives a new patrol area, The Plaguelands, as well as a new type of Patrol in the Quarantine Patrol. Here's all of the different Patrols you can do in Rise of Iron's Plaguelands, what their HUD symbols look like, and tips for completing them.

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Kill Patrols – Kill Patrols are all missions that have you kill a certain amount of enemies, plain and simple. None of these missions are picky about what kind of enemy you kill or what area you do it in so long as you score a certain number of kills. The symbol for Kill Patrols is a diamond surrounded by four little triangles.

Assassination Patrols – Assassination Patrols task you with killing a specific target in a specific location, often taking you to the other side of The Plaguelands. Targets will be higher ranked enemies and will also be surrounded by a bunch of other foes that you'll need to contend with. Rushing in will generally just get you killed, so try to take them out in one stroke with something like a rocket launcher or a Super. Assassination Patrols are marked with a symbol of a star inside of a diamond inside of a circle.

Quarantine Patrols – By far the most involved type of Patrol, Quarantine Patrols send you to kill a specific target, then survive a wave of enemies after. Quarantine Patrols are the most rarely seen ones, each of which are tied to a specific area, such as the Rocketyard. The first half of these missions operate just like Assassination Patrols, so approach them similarly.

For the second half, you're going to want to dig into cover and pick off the swarming enemies just like any crowded firefight. Shiro-4 will also drop a Relic Hammer for you to use, and while it won't last long enough to get you through the whole onslaught, it will thin their initial numbers considerably. Note that a high-ranking enemy type will accompany the last wave, so tread lightly. Quarantine Patrols are marked with a symbol made up of several rhomboids arranged into a pattern. It's difficult to describe, so note the accompanying image.

Collect Patrols – Collect Patrols are just like Kill Patrols, but more specific. They task you with gathering a specific number of collectibles that specific enemies drop. Again, you're going to be killing a lot of foes to clear this mission, but two big differences set Collect Patrols apart from Kill Patrols: You have to kill specific types of enemies, and you have to physically pick up the things they drop, which all look like little white pyramids. Likewise, the symbol for Collect Patrols are white Pyramid symbols.

Survey Patrols – Survey Patrols send you to a specific location, where you have to stand for a specific amount of time to complete it. That's it. The symbol for a Survey Patrol is the face of a compass.

Anomaly/Scan Patrols – In previous Destiny content, these Patrols had you going to a location and scanning it with your Ghost, but in Rise of Iron it serves a different function. If you see a Ghost symbol at The Archon's Keep, start the patrol to set into motion the Echoes of the Past questline which culminates in you constructing a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Check out our guide to getting the Gjallarhorn as well as the one for getting the necessary collectibles the Iron Medallions.

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