Destiny - Saviks, Queenbreaker Bounty

Destiny - Saviks, Queenbreaker Bounty

Hunt and kill Saviks, Queenbreaker on the Moon.

This article will show you how to reach the Anchor of Light on the Moon, the location where you can find Saviks, Queenbreaker. This will allow you to complete the Queen’s Wrath bounty of the same name, as well as earn an Ether Key and a chance at some decent rewards.

Even if you don’t have this bounty, but stumble across the event in progress, it’s worth completing. You will get the Ether Key for helping other Guardians finish this task, and often times that can lead to an Engram, or even a Treasure Key that you can take with you into the Prison of Elders. If you insist on getting the bounty, however, you have to visit the Reef and speak with Petra Venj. If she isn’t offering it, you can check back the following Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST when her stock refreshes.

Wanted: Saviks, Queenbreaker

  • XP: 4,500
  • QW Reputation: 250

With the bounty in hand, take you and your Fireteam to Orbit and set off for the Moon. You will want to choose Patrol option, which will bring you to Archer’s Line. Hop on your Sparrow and ride up the hill, moving to the right and funneling into the only path that you find. This winding road will take you all the way to the Anchor of Light, the region that the event takes place in. Once you hit the Anchor of Light, hang a left and you will be guided around a bend to a tall complex where several different enemies tend to spawn. This general area is where Saviks, Queenbreaker tends to appear, but it can take up to 10 minutes for the event to begin. This all depends when it last ended. You could arrive and find it in progress, or starting only a moment after you get there. It’s fairly random, but a message that says a pack of wolves is prowling will notify you that Saviks is on the way.

If the Wolves are dropped in on the platform, this fight can be really tough, especially if you are going solo or are underequipped. We highly recommend that you focus on taking out the Scorch Captains in the first wave, picking up their Scorch Cannons and using them to blast your way through the following waves. If your aim isn’t terrible and you get lucky with a few multi-kills, you might just be able to ride these Scorch Cannons to the final wave, which is when Saviks, Queenbreaker will show up.

Obviously Saviks is the toughest part of this test, but there are some things you can do to tip the odds in your favor. First of all, eliminate all of the enemies that flank this Fallen adversary. This will allow you to worry only about dodging Saviks and dealing damage to one foe.

In terms of the damage type, you really want to go with something that does Arc damage, such as the Vestian Dynasty. This will bring down any shields you have to deal with, at which point you can switch to a Primary weapon that has a high damage output. You can also utilize your Super Ability and Grenade here, as those tend to be really effective against bullet sponges like these Wolves. In fact, something that every Guardian should have is a Shotgun, and anything Legendary that does 365 damage will chew Saviks up and spit him out. The possibilities are endless as long as you play it smart.

When Saviks is down you’ll get a message that you’ve received an Ether Key and have 90 seconds to find and open a chest. You can find it in the following locations.

  • On a bridge just to the left when you enter the Anchor of Light.
  • Past the bridge, tucked against the rocks in the corner below the platform.
  • Up the ramp from the platform, near where the Servitor spawns next to the event.
  • As you enter the Anchor of Light, head forward to the tall building. The chest is on a roof below the ramp that leads into it.
  • Turn right at the Anchor of Light and find the chest at the back of the area on a tilted structure.

With the bounty complete and the Ether Key used on the chest, you can make your way back to the Reef to turn it over to Petra Venj for your XP and Queen’s Wrath Reputation. If you have more to do while you’re out and about, be sure to visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Guide for assistance.

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