Destiny - Silent Fang Bounty

Destiny - Silent Fang Bounty

Find and kill the Silent Fang on Earth.

This page will show you how to find and kill the Silent Fang at The Grottos on Earth. This Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC and can be obtained from The Reef.

Once you’re at The Reef, speak with Petra Venj and grab up all of the Queen’s Wrath Bounties that you can carry. It’s best to just knock all of these off in one shot. If she doesn’t have the Silent Fang Bounty in her inventory, don’t bother completing it. You won’t get an Ether Key to open a chest, and without the Bounty you can’t claim a reward from Petra Venj. Just be sure to check back each Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST when her stock refreshes.

Wanted: Silent Fang

  • XP: 3,500
  • QW Reputation: 100

Leave The Reef for Orbit and take your Fireteam to a Patrol on Earth. This will leave you at The Steppes, so summon your Sparrow and prepare for the most ridiculous Queen’s Wrath Bounty of them all. Ride forward and to the left, passing through the canyon and into the Mothyards. Don’t go up the hill to the building, but look for another canyon you can enter on the right side. Follow this all the way to the Forgotten Shore, and then ride to the far right side of that area. It will funnel you into a path, and after a short trip that will turn into The Grottos.

The Silent Fang you are looking for is actually beside the water. Not high up on the cliff, but where you can jump down to the water’s edge. He is guarded by two Dregs, but other than that his invisibility as a Stealth Vandal is the most difficult part of this Bounty. Murder the Silent Fang, and then open up your inventory to notice that you didn’t get credit for the Bounty. You have killed only one of the three Silent Fang enemies you need, and there are no more here.

Besides possibly being able to get this Bounty partially done in the story mission, A Kell Rising, this is the only way we know of completing this. Take your Fireteam back to Orbit, and then once again choose the option to Patrol on Earth. You have to make the long trip all the way back to The Grottos, kill the Silent Fang again, and then repeat the process for a third time. It’s tedious, but if you are quick it should only take you about five minutes to run through it.

After killing the Silent Fang for the third time, you should get credit for the Bounty. As we mentioned before, there is no chest to open so you won’t get a timer or an Ether Key. Your only reward is possibly dropped when you complete the Bounty, but most likely will just be the XP and Queen’s Wrath reputation you get for your troubles. Make your way back to The Reef to turn this over to Petra Venj.

If you have other activities you’d like to complete, be sure to visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Guide. We can help you with any other Queen’s Wrath Bounties that you might need to finish.

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