Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Event

Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Event

Hit the tracks with your Sparrow to earn SRL gear.

Finally, Destiny players can now put their Sparrows to good use. Today marks the release of the Sparrow Racing League, a special Destiny event that allows players to race to victory and win new items in the process. This guide will give a quick rundown of what players can expect from the Sparrow Racing League event before taking their Sparrow to the tracks.

The Sparrow Racing League (SRL) event lasts through the end of the month and is available to all players who own The Taken King expansion. There’s also plenty of new items to earn from Sparrow racing, including 320 Light level gear and new cosmetic items, so be sure to get some race time in before the event concludes. The SRL Event runs for the next three weeks, wrapping up on December 29th. Players can track their progress and view the event timer on the main Bungie SRL website.

Visit Amanda Holliday to receive your first Sparrow racing quest.

How to Begin Sparrow Racing

The questmaster for the Sparrow Racing League is Amanda Holliday, who is found within the Tower hangar. Speak to Holliday to receive new Sparrow racing quests and bounties. Playstation players have an exclusive SRL quest available, titled “With Finesse and Speed”. Completing this quest and other challenges will grant players the EV-42 Nightsteed Sparrow.

To engage in Sparrow races, players must first earn their Sparrow racing license. Head over to Amanda Holliday to grab the SRL License Quest. Completing this quest will reward players with their Class C Racing License, as well as the speedy EV-40 Snowscream Sparrow, which boasts a swift 160 Speed level and sleek design.

Currently, there are two SRL tracks available: one track on Mars, and one on Venus. Each race consists of six players who must make three laps around a track littered with enemies, obstacles, and speed gates. Pass through the glowing gates to gain speed boosts and surpass your opponents. The more races you complete, the higher your SRL ranking will be.

Race to Earn Better Gear Drops

Sparrow Racing offers players the chance to earn unique SRL racing suits, emblems, shaders, and other class-specific items. There are even temporary Sparrow horns to help make your presence known on the racetrack as you honk past your opponents. Beep-beep!

All players who participate in SRL races will earn a particular SRL Event Standing on the race leaderboards depending on their race performance. Players can increase their SRL Rank and reputation by completing bounties, as well as Class B, A, and S racing quests. A higher SRL Standing and reputation will increase the chance for a player to earn better loot drops at the end of each race. Players who complete all of the available racing quests will have the ability to purchase Legendary SRL gear from Amanda Holliday, including armor, helmets, and class-specific items.

Visit Tess in the Tower Plaza to peruse the new SRL items in stock.

Along with cosmetic items, Sparrow Racing can also potentially reward players with 320 Light level gear and equipment. Players looking to reach the current 320 Light level cap now have a much better opportunity to reach this milestone. Previously, the most reliable ways to earn 320 level gear was by completing the King’s Fall Raid on Hard Mode, or by successfully completing the Trials of Osiris in PvP. Some higher level players are unhappy with the fact that 320 level loot can be earned from such a casual activity. Nevertheless, Sparrow Racing offers a fun new way for players to try maxing out their Light level while earning new exclusive items in the process.

In addition to the loot drop rewards, players can also spend real-world money to purchase new SRL items from the Eververse Trading Company using Silver. The new SRL items include an SRL Record Book to document your best race times, a Sparrow Toolkit Mystery Bag that contains one random Legendary Sparrow, and a Custom Horn Kit. New emotes have been added as well, so visit Tess Everis in the Tower Plaza to peruse the new items she has in stock.

Now that you're familiar with what the SRL Event is all about, it's time to hone your Sparrow skills on the course. Check out our Sparrow Racing League Tips guide to improve your SRL race performance in Destiny.

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