Destiny: The Taken King - Agonarch Rune Guide

Destiny: The Taken King - Agonarch Rune Guide

What you do with the Agonarch Rune.

This guide will show you how to use the Agonarch Rune in Destiny: The Taken King. This Rune can be used to initiate various events in the Dreadnaught, and completing these events can earn you some coveted rare items.

The Agonarch Rune is obtained by defeating specific sets of Taken enemies in Dreadnaught Patrol. While visiting the Dreadnaught in Patrol mode, keep an eye out for floating Taken orbs that hover over a void on the ground. Walking over this Taken void causes a set of Taken enemies to spawn nearby. Defeat the few Taken, and another wave will spawn. After three waves, a larger Taken enemy with a yellow bar will spawn. Once the larger Taken and the lesser mobs are eliminated, they will drop an Agonarch Rune.

Now that you have an Agonarch Rune, you must charge it up to utilize its full capabilities. To charge the Rune, you must defeat seven sets of these Taken enemies over the span of a week. Look for the same types of floating Taken orbs throughout the Dreadnaught to spawn its set of enemies. The sets have a larger enemy that must be defeated, and usually involves a Wizard or Knight. Areas to find the hidden threats include the Hull Breach and the Mausoleum.

Defeating the yellow level Taken enemy of each set will grant you one charge point in your Agonarch Rune, and there is only one set of enemies available each day. However, currently you can transfer the Rune between your other characters, allowing you to earn up to three charges per day. When the Agonarch Rune is fully charged, you can use it to activate a special event in the Dreadnaught.

With your Charged Agonarch Rune ready, make your way to the Mausoleum. Move across to the far side of the Mausoleum near the chasm. If you’re facing away from the Cabal ship, head through the last door on the left. Pass through the hallway and continue until you reach The Founts. This is the same direction you went during the Sunless Cell Strike. Drop through the hole in the floor down to the lower level, and turn right. Go straight ahead to the opposite side of the room toward a small opening in the wall. Crouch through the opening to enter a room containing a glowing terminal on the right. Place the Charged Agonarch Rune into this terminal to activate the event.

Once you place the Charged Agonarch Rune in the terminal, exit the room and head back a few steps toward a large chamber containing a big chained platform in the center. This room is where the special event takes place. Activating the Charged Agonarch Rune causes a series of Taken enemies to appear. The enemies happen to be all of the Taken mini bosses that you defeated to charge your Rune. Now you must defeat each mini boss in succession, followed by a Zealot Champion.

When the Zealot Champion is eliminated, a chest will spawn in the center of the room on the lower level. Players must have their own Charged Agonarch Rune available in order to open the chest. The chest rewards players with a handful of rare loot, including Calcified Fragment 36. Once you use your Rune to open the chest, the Rune will be gone. However, you can still go back to obtain a new Agonarch Rune by defeating another set of hidden Taken in the Dreadnaught.

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