Destiny: The Taken King - All Dead Ghost Locations

Destiny: The Taken King - All Dead Ghost Locations

Find all of the Ghost Fragments in The Taken King.

This guide will help you locate the Dead Ghosts that can be found in The Taken King expansion in Destiny. These collectibles offer Grimoire Cards that reveal new information about the Destiny universe to those who are willing to search for them. Follow our guide to track down these hidden Ghost fragments and enhance your Grimoire Card collection.

Unlike the Calcified Fragments that we’ve been helping you find, Dead Ghosts are tracked through your account, and not per character. This means that if you find a Dead Ghost with your Warlock, it won’t be there when you visit the same location with your Titan or Hunter. If you were to find a Calcified Fragment with your Hunter, however, it would be there the next time you were in the area with your Titan or Warlock.

Ghost Fragment - Clovis Bray: This Dead Ghost can be found on Phobos in The Coming War mission in The Taken King story quest. Begin the mission by heading forward along the path as you usually would. Just as you come upon the open area at the end of the path, turn right and hop up the rocks. Curve along the rocks, keeping to the right. The Dead Ghost is sitting at the edge of a rocky outcropping near the top of the rock wall. If you reach the building off to the left, you’ve gone too far.

Ghost Fragment - Cabal 4: You can find this Ghost Fragment in the early part of The Coming War mission on Phobos. Go forward into the building and enter the darkness zone. Continue through the hallway with the galactic space debris. Just before turning right to encounter the boss, go forward and locate the Dead Ghost wedged within a blob of galactic space debris on the side of the hallway.

Ghost Fragment - Cabal 3: This is another Dead Ghost that you can look for while on Phobos in The Coming War mission. Continue through the mission until you defeat the boss and are told to get back to your ship. When you’re finally outside, you must drop down to a lower level. When you drop down, turn around and face the wall. Look up to the left where a pipe is lining the wall over a large expanse. Hop up toward the corner of the pipe to locate Ghost Fragment Cabal 3.

Ghost Fragment - Legend: Saint-14: This Dead Ghost is found down on Earth in the story mission Cayde’s Stash. Make your way through the Devil’s Lair to ascend the colony ship. The Ghost Fragment is located in the room where you fought several Taken enemies in front of the elevator. From the entrance to this room, approach the elevator and look above you to the left. There is some metal grating near the ceiling with a box within its bars. Jump up into the grating to spot the Dead Ghost sitting on top of the metal box.

Ghost Fragment - Old Russia 3: This Ghost Fragment can be found during the Cayde’s Stash story mission. Continue through the mission until you reach the part at the Devil’s Spire, where you are supposed to ascend the tower and hack the bridge. Exit the elevator and jump up the tower as you normally would. Look up toward the shorter metal spire on the left that has a sort of satellite dish on its side. You will find the Dead Ghost at the tip of the antenna at the very top. Hop up and scale the side of the spire to revive the Ghost Fragment.

Ghost Fragment - Human 5: This Ghost Fragment is also found in the Cayde’s Stash story mission. To find the collectible, continue through until you reach the last section of the mission. The Ghost Fragment is hidden in the same room where you battle the Echo of Oryx. Defeat the boss, and prepare to look around the room. Don’t locate Cayde’s Stash just yet, as this will end the mission. From the entrance to this room, head to the left toward the back wall. Jump over the wall and search the metal beams along the outer perimeter to locate the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment - The Last Word 4: At the start of the Fallen SABER Strike, enter the bunker from the Grottos and continue through the tunnel. Just before you enter the glowing door to the Mine, hop onto the rocks slightly behind you on the upper left. Search between the crevices of the rocks to locate and revive the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment - Awoken 3: Continue through the Mines of the Fallen SABER Strike until you reach the bunker with the electricity beams streaming through the corridor. Head left down the corridor, carefully dodging the electricity along the way. It’s probably best to turn of the electricity first before searching for this Ghost Fragment to reduce the damage you take. At the far end of the corridor, locate a metal unit in between where the two electricity sources are flowing from the wall. You will find this Dead Ghost on the top corner of the metal unit.

Ghost Fragment - Rasputin 5: This Dead Ghost is also located further along in the Fallen SABER Strike. Continue through the Strike until you reach Bunker WAR-4. Look for a room with a large slanted window to the left of a small doorway. At the top of this window is a row of lights on some metal scaffolding. Hop your way up the window to reach the top of the scaffolding. This can be a bit tricky, but just keep jumping until you get all the way up. If you are facing toward the window, the Dead Ghost is located on the left edge of the scaffolding just behind the lights.

Ghost Fragment - Rasputin 4: Starting from Bunker WAR-4 where you found the previous Ghost Fragment, head through the doorway to the right of the slanted window. The objective waypoint should guide you to this doorway as well. Continue into the hallway, and turn left at the top of the ramp. A few steps forward there will be a metal vent on the wall to your lower right. Melee or shoot the vent to break it, revealing a crawl space. Crouch into the crawl space and you will find the Dead Ghost just around the corner.

Ghost Fragment - Exo 3: This Ghost Fragment is found near the start of King’s Watch. Begin by heading down to Earth in The Ruling House mission. Proceed until you reach the Rocketyard, and continue forward through several corridors until you reach the Darkness Zone of the King’s Watch area. Go down a staircase and curve to your left toward another staircase near several Fallen enemies. When you head up these stairs, look up high to locate a window along the wall ahead. Jump up and slightly crouch to enter the window, and you will find the Dead Ghost lying on the ground inside.

Ghost Fragment - Osiris: Vision 81: This Dead Ghost can be obtained during The Black Garden mission on Mars. Ascend the stairs at the start of the mission, and make your way to the first main area. As you approach the open area, hop onto a nearby concrete column and look to the right toward a large slanted wall. There is a digital-looking design on the surface of this wall, as well as a rectangular gap on the higher part of its surface. Jump up land within this small gap, and look in a crevice on the right to locate the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment - The Queen: The Aftermath: This Dead Ghost is found during The Black Garden mission on Mars, and can also be obtained through the Tenebrous Tunnels mission. Begin the Black Garden mission, and continue until you go through the portal to the Vex area.

There is a large circular door ahead leading to another corridor. Enter this circular doorway, and immediately look up to the left. There is a small ledge that you can jump up to slightly above you on the left wall. Once you’re on this ledge, double jump to the next higher ledge on the same wall. Now that you’re on the higher ledge, look diagonally across the corridor to the opposite wall on the right to spot the Dead Ghost glowing on one of the ledges. Jump across the gap to reach a ledge on the opposite wall, and be careful not to bump into a low beam protruding from the ceiling. Hop one more time to the next highest ledge to collect the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment - Vex 5: This Dead Ghost is found in the Echo Chamber Strike, which is currently exclusive to Playstation players. The Ghost Fragment is located in the Echo Chamber itself, where the main boss fight takes place. From the entrance to the Echo Chamber, the Ghost will be on a higher piece of wall hanging just to the right of the time bridge. There are several cylindrical pillars located around the time bridge in the center that increase in height. Jump up onto the nearest one, and proceed to jump to the taller pillar ahead. From the tall pillar, you must double jump to reach the Dead Ghost and revive it while you’re in the air. This may take a few tries, but you should eventually reach it.

Ghost Fragment - Thorn 4: This Dead Ghost is located in the Abyss in the Crota’s End Raid 2.0 update. From your starting point in the Stills, follow the lamps through the corridors. When you reach the sixth lamp, turn right toward a dark corner. Search near the edge of the map to find and revive the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment - The Hellmouth 2: This Dead Ghost is also located in the Abyss in the Crota’s End Raid, and can be one of the trickier Ghosts to locate. Continue until you reach the second section of the Raid. Just after you form the light bridge, there is a bright light that sends you to the next area of the Raid. However, don’t go into the light. Walk towards the light and look for the last square pillar on the left side. Double jump on top of the pillar to find the Ghost Fragment. If the light is a bit disorienting, you can scoot backward toward the pillar to orient yourself a bit better.

Ghost Fragment - The Hellmouth: Look for this Dead Ghost in the second half of the Abyss in the Crota’s End Raid, in the room where you battle Crota. Facing where Crota spawns, locate a smaller room on the left where you would typically find a Shrieker. While inside this room, look above at some hanging wires suspended from the center column to the walls. At the end of one of the wires, you’ll see a glowing Dead Ghost where the wire attaches to the wall. Hop up to claim the collectible.

When you’re finished up with the Dead Ghosts, return to USgamer’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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