Destiny: The Taken King - All Dreadnaught Chest Locations

Destiny: The Taken King - All Dreadnaught Chest Locations

Find all of the chests hidden on the Dreadnaught.

This article will show you the locations of the chests that you find scattered around the Dreadnaught in Destiny: The Taken King. The chests we’re referring to require keys, which you can get from various events that take place around the ship. When you find a key, you’ll need to locate the chest that it opens, which is what we’re here to help you do today.

If you’re trying to get a key, you first need to acquire a Wormsinger Rune by killing things around the Dreadnaught. When this drops you can head to the Hull Breach and activate an event by using the rune on machines found in caves. This will kick off a big fight, and when you win it you can snag the Wormfeeder Rune from the dead yellow bar. Your task will now be to kill 50 enemies on the Dreadnaught without dying. When you do, you will end up with a random key, which as you may have guessed, you can then use to open one of the chests we have listed down below.

Hull Breach Chests

Key of Ur Chest: Begin at the Hull Breach starting point in Dreadnaught Patrol. Head toward the center of the area in front of the Cabal ship where there are several broken metal rods protruding from the ground. Drop down beneath these rods and locate a doorway to a hallway lined with glowing orange tanks. Enter the hallway and turn right to find the Key of Ur chest near the wall.

Key of Xol Chest: Starting at the Hull Breach spawn point in Dreadnaught Patrol, go to the very right toward the hexagonally shaped doorway. Head through the doorway into the next room where a few tanks are suspended along the walls. Pass around to the back side of the center column to find the Key of Xol chest.

Key of Eir Chest: Begin at the Hull Breach starting point, and head to the right once again, this time passing by the doorway on the right. Go forward until you can drop off the ledge to the lower level. To the right is another doorway leading to a series of tunnels. Crouch through the crack in the wall, and proceed forward into the narrow tunnel ahead. At the first intersection, turn left and continue through the tunnel until you reach the Key of Eir chest off to the right.

Mausoleum Chests

Key of Maggots Chest: From the Hull Breach, head through the passage below the Cabal ship wreckage until you reach the Mausoleum. Cross to the other side of the room where several doorways are located. Go through the second square doorway near the small staircase. As you enter the doorway, make a sharp left and crouch into the tunnel. Turn left and hop up on the ledge to find the Key of Maggots chest, as well as Calcified Fragment 03.

Key of Wyrding Chest: From the Mausoleum entrance below the Cabal ship, move along the right side until you reach a doorway. If you are coming from the Key of Maggots Chest, exit the tunnel and move across the main area to the opposite side of the room to locate the doorway. Pass through the short hallway and make a left turn to find the Key of Wyrding chest on a pile of rubble.

Key of the Spawn Chest: From the Key of Wyrding chest, head back out to the main fighting area and turn right. Continue toward a small staircase leading to a circular platform in front of the chasm. Look toward the bright beam of light, and bring up your Ghost to reveal a path of hidden stone pieces. Hop along the hidden bridge toward the platform to the right, and you will see the Key of the Spawn chest just ahead of you. Calcified Fragment 01 is also found along the wall on the right.

The Skyburners Security Pass Chest: From the Hull Breach, head to the Mausoleum by going through the passage beneath the Cabal ship. As you enter the Mausoleum from the passage, curve around to the left and look up toward the ship. There will be a window to a control room up above. Hop up into the control room, and locate a nearby console where you will input the Skyburners Deployment Codes. To the right of the console is a large sealed door that is unlocked with a Skyburners Security Pass, and this is where you will find the chest for the Skyburners quest chain.

A Scent is the Key Chest: From the Key of Wyrding chest, bring up your Ghost and hop back along the bridge pieces toward the far left side of the chasm. There is a platform across the way along the left wall. The Scent is the Key chest is located on the far right side.

Hall of Souls (Court of Oryx) Chests

Key of Gnashing Teeth Chest: From the Hull Breach starting point, turn around and head through the long corridor that leads to the Hall of Souls. Make your way across the area toward the Court of Oryx. The Key of Gnashing Teeth chest is located on the main platform, on the middle section just below the portal gate.

Key of Yuul Chest: From the main center platform where you found the Key of Gnashing Teeth chest, head to the backside of the Court and locate a pair of stone pillars in the chasm. Calcified Fragment 13 is also found on the first pillar. Jump across the pillars to reach the platform on the other side. Bring up your Ghost and scan the chasm to reveal a hidden bridge. Hop across the bridge pieces to a round platform up to the right, where you will find the Key of Yuul chest, as well as Calcified Fragment 11.

Key of Akka Chest: Starting from the platform where you found the Key of Yuul chest, hop back across the hidden bridge to where you first scanned the chasm. While facing the chasm, head through the doorway on the left. Move across the room and through a passage along the back left wall leading to an open area. Keeping the Court of Oryx to your left, hop across the gap and enter the doorway on the opposite wall. Crouch into a hole on the right and head through the tunnel. As you exit the initial tunnel, the Key of Akka chest will be just to the right.

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