Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Guide

Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Guide

Everything you need to know about Armsday.

This article will explain everything that you need to know about Armsday in Destiny: The Taken King. We’ll start by covering how field testing works, and even explain the point of earning Gunsmith reputation by visiting with Banshee-44. Up until now the Gunsmith has been an underwhelming vendor at the Tower, but with The Taken King, he appears to be more relevant than ever before.

Note: Armsday will begin each Wednesday. This gives you one week to complete the field testing that Banshee-44 needs done, with new weapons arriving every seven days. Each of your three characters can earn Gunsmith reputation, although it's not yet known if there is a benefit to ranking up more than one.

What is Armsday in Destiny?

Armsday is the day that the Gunsmith, Banshee-44 rolls out new weapons for Guardians to test in the field. When you visit him at the Tower you’ll see that there are several weapons listed, and you can pick up as many as you’d like and try them out. Essentially, this is just another form of bounty, only it’s been tinkered with to give it a unique spin.

Once you’ve selected a weapon (or five), equip it as either your primary, special or heavy, and then scroll over the weapon in your inventory. This will give you a description of what must be done in order to field test the weapon properly. For example, some weapons may require you to enter the Crucible and kill other Guardians, while others could ask you to get precision kills on a certain number of PvE enemies.

One of the unique aspects of this process is that the field testing (read bounty) doesn’t take up space in your Quest tab. The requirements that must be met for you to finish the task are listed when you scroll over the weapon, and the progression is tracked in the same place.

Once you complete the requirements for each weapon, you can continue to use it for the rest of the week, or you can dismantle it. The Gunsmith reputation that we’ll talk about in a moment is automatically given to you upon completion, meaning there is no need for you to return to Banshee-44 and turn anything in.

What is Gunsmith Reputation?

Gunsmith reputation is earned each time you successfully complete the field testing on a weapon. Just as it is with the Cryptarch and Eris Morn, this reputation can be leveled up, earning you opportunity and reward for doing so.

From a reward standpoint, not a lot is known about Gunsmith reputation, but it appears leveling it up will give you the opportunity to purchase legendary weapons once you hit a certain rank. The best part about this is that with the new loot system being introduced, you should be getting weapons that you don’t already have, rather than drops for the same items over and over again (Chatterwhite, anyone?). Of course, we won’t know for sure how this system works until we see it in action on September 15.

What we can do is speculate on a few things, using our previous Destiny experiences to prepare. For example, any time you must rank up your reputation with a vendor, there are usually things you can purchase at Rank 4, and this can take a long time to get to. For that reason, try to ensure you are doing all of your field testing each week, if for no other reason than it will likely pay off for you somewhere down the line.

Oh, and lastly, you can complete the field testing on each of your characters, or just on one. We’re not sure of the impact of this yet, but since weapons can be shared, you may not wish to level your Gunsmith reputation across all three of your Guardians.

For more information about everything related to The Taken King, be sure to visit our Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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