Destiny: The Taken King - Cayde’s Stash - Stealth Drive

Destiny: The Taken King - Cayde’s Stash - Stealth Drive

Retrieve the stealth drive from Cayde’s stash.

This guide will help you retrieve Cayde’s Stash as a part of The Taken King questline in Destiny. Prior to this mission, head to the Tower and speak with Vanguard to receive a new class item. Now, select the Cayde’s Stash mission and prepare for a trip down to Earth. Your objective is to retrieve a stealth drive that will help sneak you and your ship on to Oryx’s Dreadnaught.

Once you drop in from your ship at the start of the mission, head forward and begin taking out the Taken who are ravaging the area. Or rather, start “Taken” them out. Get it? Alright, moving on.

Head for the Devil’s Lair once you have cleared out the Taken from the entrance area. Pass through the corridors, noting the presence of more galactic space blobs sprinkled along the halls. Ascend several sets of stairs until you reach the room where you defeated Sepiks Prime. Combat a few more Taken, and then make your way forward through the vault door ahead.

Enter the vault and follow the walkway along the edge of the room. Pass through a door on the right to enter the Devil’s Spire, where you must face a slew of Taken Thrall. Note that the Taken Thrall can instantly shift in any direction, so prepare for some quick movements.

Once you’ve dealt with the Thrall, move forward into an old elevator at the end of the corridor where the Thrall initially spawned. Ride the elevator to the top level of the Cosmodrome.

You will need to reroute the power in order to move the bridge. Locate a staircase in the area and continue to ascend the stairs all the way to the top. Jump up on the very top section, and hack the power box. This causes the bridge to slowly move into place.

As soon as you cross the bridge to enter the colony ship, prepare to face yet another group of Taken Thrall and Vandals. Watch out for the Vandal on the walkway up high, as he will snipe you from a distance.

Defeat the Taken and continue to ascend the ship by following a short path on the outer ship parts. You must jump along several platforms on the outside, until you reach another open vault door. Be careful as you approach the platform with the door, as there will be a Taken Phalanx at the door waiting to push you with its shield. Get past the Phalanx and enter the room.

Keep platforming along the inside of the ship to ascend to the top, shooting down some Fallen that you encounter on the way. You will eventually reach an area where you must crouch through a small passage. Carefully creep along the metal beams, and don’t look down. Ok, you can look down, just try not to fall.

Continue to ascend the ship through another series of corridors, until you reach a glowing light shaft. Enter the light and it will lift you to the top. You will hop off the light lift and find yourself in an arena with a new Taken adversary, the Echo of Oryx. If you are a high enough level, you should be able to just lay into him with bullets until he’s defeated.

Now to track down the item you came here for, the stealth drive. Deploy Ghost on a container over in the corner, revealing Cayde’s stash and completing the mission. The mission concludes with one more cut scene, showing the Shipwright and Cayde discussing Eris Morn’s ship.

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