Destiny: The Taken King - Court of Oryx Tier 3 - Defeat Kagoor

Destiny: The Taken King - Court of Oryx Tier 3 - Defeat Kagoor

Defeat Kagoor in Tier 3 of the Court of Oryx.

For this guide, we will help you defeat a malicious Taken Wizard named Kagoor, along with the Servile Ogre that joins him for the fight. Kagoor is one of the weekly alternating bosses that you can face during the Tier 3 Court of Oryx Public Event, the other being Thalnok, the Fanatic of Crota, plus a few more we’ve yet to bump into. Although Kagoor may appear to be a formidable foe, it’s actually his Ogres that give him an edge in battle. Follow our guide to take out Kagoor and his Ogre minions to earn yourself a handsome reward.

Prepare for the Tier 3 Court of Oryx Event with a Light Level of 300 or higher. At the start of the battle, Kagoor will spawn on the center platform with a massive Servile Ogre at his side. Additionally, there are several Maleficent Eyes as well as regular Ogres that can deal a significant amount of damage to you and your teammates throughout the lower level of the arena. There are also a few Devoured Shadows that harass you during the battle, so deal with them accordingly.

Kagoor is immune to damage while the Servile Ogre is alive. The Servile Ogre also can withstand a huge amount of damage, so you will need the correct buff to efficiently take out the Ogre in time. Killing the Maleficent Eyes will grant you a buff called Ogre’s Fury, which increases your damage against Ogres per stack for up to three stacks, and lasts for 10-15 seconds. This is an individual buff, so once you obtain the buff you will want to do as much damage to the Servile Ogre and lesser Ogres as possible before it runs out.

Keep covered behind the large rocks on the left and right of the arena to avoid getting hit by Ogre attacks. Try to focus on taking out the regular Ogres first, as they can easily kill your team while you are dealing with the boss. Then, have a couple of your teammates receive Ogre’s Fury from the Maleficent Eyes, and have them focus on the Servile Ogre, replenishing the buff from more Eyes if possible. Riddle the Servile Ogre with bullets while the buff is active to take him out quickly. Don’t use your super ability yet, as you will want to save it for the boss.

Eliminating the Servile Ogre causes Kagoor’s shield to drop, making Kagoor briefly vulnerable to damage. You will have a very short window of time to damage Kagoor, so have all your teammates unleash their supercharged abilities on Kagoor to deal as much damage to him as possible before his shield returns. If Kagoor replenishes his shield, another Servile Ogre will spawn. However, if this happens, you will most likely not have enough time to repeat the process again, and your team will fail the event. The goal is to just deal a ton of damage to Kagoor while he is vulnerable to quickly eliminate the Taken Wizard in time.

After successfully defeating Kagoor and his Servile Ogre minion, your team can reap the rewards from the chest that emerges on the center platform. Keep in mind that the player who activated the Tier 3 rune for the event will receive more valuable loot, including the chance to earn Calcified Fragment 49. Good luck, Guardian!

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