Destiny: The Taken King - Dreadnaught - Power Source

Destiny: The Taken King - Dreadnaught - Power Source

Disable the Dreadnaught weapon by eliminating its power sources.

This guide will walk you through the Dreadnaught section of Destiny’s The Taken King quest. Your mission is to infiltrate the Hive’s Dreadnaught using Eris Morn’s modified stealth ship. The goal is to disable the Dreadnaught super weapon that devastated the Awoken forces during the opening scene earlier.

Begin by selecting the Dreadnaught from your map and prepare to launch. After you warp to the Dreadnaught’s location in the rings of Saturn, a brief cut scene will play. Unfortunately, the stealth drive malfunctions, causing your ship to get detected and blown to bits. However, you teleport to the Dreadnaught just in time. So much for Cayde’s stash.

Head along the trench way and begin to explore the Dreadnaught. You are still trying to locate the power source for the super weapon, only now you don’t have an escape ship. No big deal, you’ve got this.

As you make your way forward, note a familiar orb of light that dashes around the corner. You encountered this light on Phobos in the first mission, prior to the base falling apart. Follow this light through a passage on the right.

The light will be hovering over a bridge ahead of you, and then the bridge will magically vanish. It seems a bit peculiar to be following this white light, but maybe it’s on to something. Bring up your Ghost and scan the chasm, to reveal a new bridge that you can walk across.

Head right and pass through a hallway to the left. Locate and crouch through a small hole in the wall on the left, leading to another room where several Thrall are waiting to pounce on you. Pass through another small hole in the wall and continue along the corridor until you reach the Hall of Souls.

Use your Ghost once again to reveal another hidden bridge. Head left across the bridge to locate one of the power sources for the Dreadnaught weapon. Scan the power source and then shoot it to disable it. You will need to destroy two more power sources to deactivate the weapon.

After you take out the power source, prepare to fight another handful of Taken. Now backtrack and head down the red walkway, where you will see a second power source surrounded by enemies. Eliminate the Taken in the area, and proceed to disable the power source the same way you did previously.

Cross another bridge near the chandelier, and follow the arrow down to the right. You know you are in the correct area if you encounter more enemies, as well as the final power source. Defeat the few Taken nearby, as well as a couple Tortured Wizards. Then, repeat the steps to disable the power source.

Once you disable the final power source, the Dreadnaught weapon will be deactivated. Now, you must secure the transmat zone. Follow the indicator arrow through several more corridors and glowing hallways. You will eventually reach the Hull Breach, where you will encounter the Hive fighting the Cabal. Continue toward the transmat zone, shooting various enemies along the way.

Once you reach the transmat zone, place a beacon in the area indicated by the highlighted circle, and prepare to open fire on a Goliath tank afterward. Shoot its legs for critical hits, and continue to pummel the tank with heavy firepower and rockets to take it out. Upon eliminating the tank, the Dreadnaught mission concludes.

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