Destiny: The Taken King - Echo Chamber Strike

Destiny: The Taken King - Echo Chamber Strike

Destroy the Restorative Mind and save Venus from a destructive future.

Welcome to our walkthrough for the Echo Chamber Strike in Destiny: The Taken King. Our guide will help you prepare for the Strike and complete it successfully. The Echo Chamber Strike is currently exclusive to PlayStation platforms, at least until 2016. Players must own The Taken King expansion in order to participate. This Strike can be completed with up to three players, and has proven to be quite fun when played with a good group of friends. If you are ready to take on this challenge, then let’s begin.

The Echo Chamber Strike takes place on Venus, where the Vex are attempting to construct a time bridge in order to call forth the Nexus Mind from the past. As a Guardian, it’s your job to stop them.

From your starting point at the Waking Ruins, follow along the path to the right leading to a glowing, circular passage. Move along the corridor to the outside to Campus 9. Here you will encounter several Fallen Vandals and Shanks nearby, as well as a Captain at the base of the rocks. Keep to the high ground and take out the enemies from a distance.

Your goal is to locate an arc source that you can use to short out the barriers. Follow along the shallow riverbed to the left through a small passage under a building. Eliminate a pair of Axis Harpies inside the cave. Locate the Arc source and carry it outside to the barrier. Whoever grabs the Arc source will move very slowly as they carry it to the objective. Escort your teammate carrying the Relic, defending them from the slew of Fallen that have now spawned in the area. If you grab the Arc source, hopefully your teammates do the same for you.

Once you’ve deactivated the barrier, move to the next area and pick up another Relic to disrupt the next gate. Doing so will cause a handful of Vex enemies to attack, including a Minotaur and several Goblins. Fight them off, and proceed toward the open courtyard with a portal in the center. Here you must face another slew of Goblins in the center of the area, as well as a Hydra along the far wall. If you work as a team, vanquishing these enemies shouldn’t be too difficult.

Proceed to the next area, and snag the Arc source from a container up on the right side. Carry the orb to the next barrier, or escort your teammate through the area if they grabbed it first. Groups of enemy Vex will be shooting you from various directions, so do your best to duck behind cover as you move through the environment.

Once you disrupt the next barrier with the Relic, head through the passages to reach the endless steps. Here you will find--you guessed it---more Vex Goblins, as well as another barrier that needs disrupting. As you approach, be careful not to get hit by the shots being fired by a large Vex Cyclops down below. Since you already have a good vantage point from the hill, fire away at the Cyclops from a distance, taking cover behind nearby rocks if necessary. The person holding the Relic can even lob grenades, as the charge rate on them is increased while holding the Arc source.

Proceed to kill everything in your path. With the Cyclops destroyed and the surrounding Goblins eliminated, you can now make your way toward the next Arc source. Hop across the gap and grab the next Relic located on the right. A mass of Dregs will rush toward the barrier, so eradicate these nasty foes to keep them off of whoever is carrying the Arc source.

Continue forward to the next section, and follow the long staircase that cuts through the area that lives up to the name ‘Endless Steps’. There will a Cyclops near the next objective marker, as well as another Cyclops to the right of the staircase. Riddle these foes with bullets until they are both eliminated.

Hang a left from the top of the stairs, and enter a narrow passage that eventually leads to the Echo Chamber. Take out the few Harpies in the area, and approach the time bridge. Grab one more Relic from the capacitor on the left, and place it into the capacitor on the right to disrupt the time bridge. This causes the Restorative Mind to emerge from the device.

Now, you must battle Theosyion, the Restorative Mind. Do your best to keep your distance to avoid getting hit by its powerful laser shots. The boss seems immune to your attacks, so you must find a way to lower its defenses.

Theosyion will also call for reinforcements in the form of Vex Goblins. Focus on taking out the additional enemies, until a notification prompts you to grab another relic from one of the pillars. Moving the relic to the designated location causes Theosyion to change form, allowing you to shoot at its face and deliver damage. If your teammate grabs the Relic, start shooting at Theosyion to distract its focus away from your teammate, allowing them to place the Relic.

When Theosyion gets low on health, it will retreat into the time bridge and begin summoning various Vex enemies for you to deal with. Also, the fighting space will start to rotate like a revolving door, pushing you back and forth through the area. Make sure one of your team members grabs the Relic before it gets stuck outside of the combat zone. Move from pillar to pillar, using them for cover as the combat area shifts, to avoid the shots coming from Theosyion in the center.

Continue moving the Relic to the designated spots, blasting away at the vulnerable Theosyion. Your team will eventually destroy the Restorative Mind, saving Venus from what could have been a terribly destructive future.

If you plan to continue fighting the Taken today, be sure to read our Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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